How To Unblock YouTube At School Without A Proxy?

Nowadays VPN are the essentials at school, work and play, now we will tackle the usefulness of vpn at school when it comes to unlimited, unblocked youtube videos.

Youtube is by far the source of educational, informative, entertainment and not to mention a great education resource for all students and teachers alike. That’s why it’s officially the third highest visited website in the world according to wikipedia and alexa.

Whether you decide to stream YouTube for entertainment and personal purposes,or for educational purposes, accessing it on-the-go or at certain places can be a real comfortable handy tool for everyone.

This is specially true if you are at school we cannot deny that youtube serve as more like an entertainment or a stress-reliever at times, but the school principal wants their students as focus and alert as they can be, so traditionally schools block streaming websites like Youtube, dailymotion and vimeo to name some video websites. This is to keep distractions at bay for majority of the students.

So unless you know how to unblock Youtube at school, this can be very irritating for you.

Now don’t despair we have great news for you to help you out unblocking youtube at school.

There seems a better way of unblocking Youtube videos at school and streaming your favorite videos in the computer laboratory or even watch them on your smartphone through the school wi-fi. All you need to do is change your IP address which will enable you to access Youtube/blocked content.

So how will you do it? How to unblock Youtube videos at school without a proxy?

With our vpn now it’s possible. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network in a matter of seconds you can have a whole new world of ip address at your grasp having your very own VPN and it’s not a necessity at school.

  1. Subscribe to our vpn account with your username and password.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your gadget (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc.).
  3. From the smart purpose selection tool, you must select the server location from where you want to access the YouTube server.
  4. Click on ‘Connect’ button.

Why use our vpn?

Wait there’s more, because now with the use of our vpn, you can watch region-locked videos on Youtube by simply selecting the right country server to connect to from the Smart Purpose Selection Tool in the vpn app. With this functionality alone, you can now stream Youtube videos, that are only meant and watchable in specific countries. Like watch Chinese, Korean and Russian Youtube videos right here in the U.S.A.

Our vpn establishes a secure tunnel between your device/gadget and the network, making your connection as secure as can be, anonymous, private and shielded from hackers, snoopers, spammers after you unblock Youtube Videos with our vpn.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg considering some of the high-end features that our vpn offers you like Split-Tunneling, 5 Multiple logins and much, much more, fast buffer, free streaming, and unparalleled security and privacy. Take a look at yourself!

So if you’re looking for a way to unblock Youtube Videos at school try subscribing to our vpn for as low as U.S.$1.33/month. Never again worry about blocked Youtube, region-locked videos, or online security and privacy!

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