Avoiding Downtimes To Increase Web Sales By: William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com

Free Domain Uptime Monitor

What can avoid the innevitable? Almost daily disaster happens when the obvious downtimes happen to your website. How has it escaped your attention? Once your website is down, it gives way for your competitors to get sales from your prospects.

Downtimes are opportunities in itself if you think of it that way. Is there an effective tool to let you act quickly to minimize the length of downtimes?

The ultimate answer is Domain Uptime Monitor Tool which offers free and paid website monitoring service. It sends you a text to your cellphone and emails you when your site is down. It lets you act quickly when your server actions are needed at the crucial time. It uses several servers strategically located to monitor several elements in your web presence. It monitors your web, email, and ftp ports

Do anyone of us working on the internet have an idea how long his/her website is down? Domain Uptime Monitor Tool solves that problem for both business web site and webmasters

Importance of uptime are the ffg.

  1. Email – downtime of your business email poses a risk to not “hear” again from your clients and/or prospects. It is important for the uptime of
    your email allowing you to get more sales.
  2. Ftp – file transfer protocol is the process of uploading a file to a server. Downtime of this protocol will not allow you to update your files on your
    website. It is important for the uptime of ftp to update your web audiences as well.
  3. Smtp – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – is an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The downtime of SMTP avoids you from sending that important business email you’ve been wanting to send. It is important for the uptime of this protocol to allow you to send an e-mail or a business newsletter.
  4. SSH – Secure Shell – a common network protocol for remote administration of Unix computers. It is important for the uptime of this protocol to allow you to transfer file or install web software remotely to your server. The downtime of this protocol will mean server disaster for you and your online company.
  5. HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol – used commonly by your web audience to access your website on the internet. The uptime of HTTP is very important since this spells your web presence on the internet. The downtime is almost telling the whole world that your company no longer exist.
  6. MySql – this is your open source database. The uptime of mysql is very important since you’ll be able to offer the world your database of products and services. The downtime will mean empty webpages.
  7. IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol – one of the most prevalent internet standards protocol for e-mail retrieval. The downtime will mean you and your employee won’t be able to access that important business email allowing you to send invoices or get orders online. Majority of the sms (short
    message service) that allows a server to send you a text via your cellphone will also be down so it’s wise to not host sms notification when your server is down locally but remotely using Domain Uptime Monitor Tool huge facilities. The uptime will give you more sales since you won’t miss that email and sms notification anymore.
  8. HTTPS – Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol – allows your membership website to encrypt safely your member’s
    crucial information or allows your website to sell securely online. The downtime will almost mean disaster and loss of trust from your customers
    and prospects. The uptime is very important since it makes your website secure.

As low as U.S.$150.00 per sale – http://monitor.nabaza.com/en/affiliate.php

75% 1-time referral commission when you join in – http://jvzoo.nabaza.com/dum.php
for people requesting a work-at-home domain, hosting and script of it, fully functional website monitoring tool of your own

What is 9Hits? by William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com

9Hits is Traffic Generation that is autosurf provides you proxies and a software that you can use on Windows and Linux Desktop. I’m a big fan because the admin is very good and generous admin because he always give me gifts on my birthday. Aside from that I have already referred

What’s The Referral Scheme and How much you Earn?

  • Get 10% commission points from your referrals
  • Get 25% commission cash from any purchase of your referrals

Here’s My Referral, Earning Stats and Payout:

Not so much because I never promoted it intentionally. I just placed one of it’s 468×60 banner on my advertising network sites for banners and it gave me referrals.

My Status with 9Hits:
I am now Premium member: Premium (2019-11-03 14:13:54) because the admin is so good and generous, he just want to give gifts to his active members.

Supported Features:

Customize duration
GEO-targeting traffic
Hourly limit randomly
Popups allowed
Customize frequency capping
Customize user agents

Customize traffic source (referrer)
Statistic in real-time
Interactive by macro
Stable and safe viewer application
Proxies supported
Multiple sessions supported

How It Works?


Only with a valid email, an easy-to-remember username name and password, you can create an account at 9Hits easily, quickly and thoroughly free. Just start to fill your information here!


After signing up, log in to 9Hits Panel, then add and configure your campaign, you can add one or more websites, and there are a lot of exciting options that are waiting for you to explore here.


Download the 9Hits Viewer software and follow the instructions to start. By running the viewer, you will view websites of the other members, with each of your views, you will earn some points into your account.


9Hits will automatically use your points to deliver hits to the websites that you have added. You can relax now and leave 9Hits works as well as you can change your campaign settings at any time.

Here’s my latest and current promotions going on right now in real-time.

Here’s My Offer:
Sign up under me and I’ll give you 100,000 advertising credits on another advertising platform. Just send me a private message, I may need to open an account for you and login with your login credentials to give you the 100k ad credits.


How To Increase Your Blog Readership? by William Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com

Do you want to blog for the rest of your life? I think this is much easier rather than creating endless youtube videos. If you can answer yes to that question, then allow me now to show you easy steps on how to increase your blog readership.

  1. Write original blog articles not copy/paste articles. Make sure to run grammarly which offers plagiarism checker for a paid version and also copy leaks and copyscape.
  2. Write controversial articles or blogs. Don’t be afraid mentioning huge brand names but make sure you have experiences in what you way towards them for a real experience of you readership.
  3. Offer link exchange with other blog of same category. Link exchanges are free for sure if you write awesome articles and blogs, you get offered from time to time to do link exchanges with them.
  4. Write for guest blog articles. Some blogs offer free guest writing articles or guest bloggers, make sure you search this on google and take advantage of it. Always mention your name or name of your blog when you write, you have priveleges either in the title or on the footer info, if they offer both, then make use of both.
  5. Write for huge companies out there, make sure it’s a valid review not an incentivized review. It’s good that you have proper experience with them or you own one so the review will be based on user’s experience which huge brands will appreciate and even without your knowledge they will usually link back to your blog.
  6. Offer free content to other websites by writing specific or customized articles for their website even for free but you have to link to your blog.
  7. Offer free featured content like for example free ebook or 1 year magazine subscription from time to time.

For that matter, I can offer you free 1-year magazine subscriptions or ebooks from time to time just link to it and feature it on your next blog post.

WordPress versus Bloggger/Blogspot by William Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com

I have started with blogging with Blogspot way back 1995 being Blogspot as my very first blog. I remember using it’s subdomain promoting it as my own as I learn how to blog and still until today I’m learning how.

Then comes the time that I need to change themes and I found out by experience that wordpress has lots of free themes and it’s easier to snatch one and make it your own customized one leaving no trace for the first template/theme creator if you know what I mean.

Now let’s compare them and I’ll mention WordPress first since it’s my favorite and then Blogspot/Blogger.

  1. Both can use your own existing domain name or subdomain. For wordpress, simply host it on your own server or pay them to set it up for you remotely hosted. Blogspot can make use of your CNAME and A for domain names and just the A service of your DNS (Domain Name System) for subdomain.

This is very important for branding your own business online. You have to promote your own domain name and not another’s.

  1. WordPress offers lots of free themes in exchange of a backlink. Blogspot offers just a few and you go for the paid ones.
  2. WordPress offers free hosting using their .org extension while you can use Blogspot or use the A services for your subdomain.
  3. WordPress offers lots of free and paid plugins. Blogspot offers widgets since Blogspot is already alright with SEO since it’s owned by Google and Google loves it’s own. Blogspot also offers tough security so it’s never a problem with Blogspot.
  4. WordPress can easily be moved from one hosting to another and it also imports or exports it’s blog contents. Blogspot offers a little challenge when you do this, to come up with a solution always backup your blogs in a form of posts/articles.
  5. Both offers excellent SEO (search engine optimized) ability of your blogs. WordPress can make use of seo plugins, while Blogspot is already built-in since it will be prioritized by Google since Google owns it for those who don’t know it.
  6. WordPress offers flexible removal of it’s programmer’s copyrights below or on the left side. Blogspot changes it’s policies about this but for now you can’t remove it but only add to it.
  7. WordPress offers not too strong security for blogs but with the little help from Wordfence you can get along. Blogspot has very tough security like it’s mother company Google.

It’s time to be hosted with WordPress try this for size

I’ve written my ebook entitled : “How To Setup Your Existing Domain Name On Blogspot?” for dirt-cheap price. Check it out at

How Can You Claim Bitcoins Every 8 Minutes During Corona Virus Lockdown? by William Nabaza of https://www.BitCoinWalls.com

There’s a way to earn from home and work at home even if you don’t know anything for example, or even you can’t be accepted with the number of job proposals or project proposals you have submitted. You tried to work on a project but the project all in all costs about U.S.$2 per hour and you know in your heart that you can finish it in 2 hours or less.

Now I have a solution for you to continue the cash flow or much better satoshi flow. How about try claiming from bitcoin walls or bitcoin faucets? It’s worth the time since every minute is worth and paid in satoshis. Satoshis is like cents in dollars as satoshis is to bitcoins. Well, you know how much bitcoin is worth right now!

I invite you all to participate in our forum and blog, while waiting claim, chat and have fun with us. This changes the picture, make it worthwhile to live under corona virus lockdown. You see this world will not be destroyed by a virus but this world will be destroyed by fire. (Luke 12:49, 2 Peter 3:7,10) Remember to share your affiliate link that you will get once you claim once and share this all over the internet most preferably in your own blog, and get 50% (fifty percent) of what your referrals get.

  1. BitCoinWalls.com Claim FREE Satoshis every 8 minutes – Try BitCoinWalls.com it’s a free way to earn free satoshis, at same time use the bitcoin faucet rotator so you can earn from various bitcoin faucets as well. Remember to share your affiliate link that will appear after you claim once and share it to your friends, get 50% of whatever they’ll be getting. You can check out the menus like offerwalls, bitcoin games and even participating in from every paid signup from time to time.
  2. AdBtc – How about claiming every seconds free satoshis and get like 60 advertisers that are waiting for you to click on their ads everyday. It’s free and the referrals are optional because if you’re like me, once I have once in a while active referrals what I do is sell them in the marketplace.
  3. Crypto-Mining – It’s a virtual world in the near future where you work as a crypto miner mining those different crypto currencies using your mining equipments it sees like in this future that’s the only work profitable left for you to do. So make your financial life by mining everytime and everyday. Look while you do this, there are competitors lurking at you to fight with them but not until you have gathered enough strength.
  4. Crypto Mining Game – This one you need to reach until Level 15 to be profitable because this is the starting level where you can start withdrawing your satoshi earnings from bitcoin mining, claiming, applying at mining jobs, getting the bonuses, opening your crates, upgrading your cards, and sending in drones to different places to get your crates and inventories. It’s a whole new world of bitcoin mining waiting for you and remember this bitcoin games are paying.
  5. BTC Clicks – You can view daily advertiser’s ads and earn very little satoshis but doing this everyday you’ll be amazed you can withdraw satoshis and combining this with others on this page, you get a sizeable satoshis. Remember you are not working at all but just clicking. In some other world’s view, clicking is not actual work, it could be the clicks you’re spending in a game but it does not pay you at all. As they say, little by little makes it big.
  6. Cointiply – Roll the faucet, click on paid to clicks, watch videos, download games and many more activities to get that needed points for you to start withdrawing them. You may also refer people to help you in gather the satoshis even faster. From time to time hunt some twitter codes to augment earnings.
  7. Fire Faucet – This is an auto-claim cryto currency faucet by turning your clicks, views, rolls into points or coins that is needed to start the claim.
  8. CoinADster – you can roll the faucet, click from paid to clicks, do the offerwalls and all you end up is to earn bits which is withdrawable as satoshis. Continue to do this combining with others and you get a lot.
  9. MoreMoney – This is just like the previous one but they have actually different owners. It’s a time waster they say but if you’re paid to play games in satoshis, this is better or a little better than playing for dollars.
  10. Coastal-City – You can be amazed at what you can do with this city pretend that you own houses and lots here paying in crypto currencies. It’s a city of the future where all money accepted are only crypto-currencies priced at your local gold and local silver.

I invite you all to participate in our forum and blog, while waiting claim, chat and have fun with us. This changes the picture, make it worthwhile to live under corona virus lockdown. You see this world will not be destroyed by a virus but this world will be destroyed by fire. (Luke 12:49, 2 Peter 3:7,10) Remember to share your affiliate link that you will get once you claim once and share this all over the internet most preferably in your own blog, and get 50% (fifty percent) of what your referrals get.

Don’t Trust Any Website Rating Services by William Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com

I have been in website rating services; you see those websites that tell or dictate you, which is a scam or which is legit. You know it didn’t work out, and here are ten legit reasons why it will not work for you and me.

  1. Mess up with the admin/owner; you mess up your website rating. Of course, they are in this for the money and not helping people. They are not on it for “We Help Each Other To Make Money,” but they are here to share in your income.
  2. Most of those who ran the website rating services do not speak English, so expect poor communication all the way.
  3. It can be manipulated. If the website is owned by paid advertisers, then if the website is scam, you can’t tag or call it as a scam because they are paid, or the admin/owner of website rating services will fight for them on their behalf.
  4. The idea of website rating websites on your behalf is very childish. People with no intelligence and wisdom will just fall for its victim, and they will obey blindly what these website rating services say.
  5. Paid advertisers, paid rankings, and paid classification will stop you on day 1. Remember money for this website rating services owners is god for them; money makes their world go round. So people can buy not to become scam/spam.
  6. Website Ranking services are a source of spam/scam. To be frank and a reality check, please all of these website ranking services be it in the form of a blog, forum, or a customized website ranking script is just sending out spam by the hour or even by the minute every time someone edits or updates the rank of a website. It’s just a waste of time.
  7. They are just annoyances and nuisance since you only need one website to confirm payment to, and all they have left to do is send you a gazillion of websites you don’t need to check or join in.
  8. These website ranking services are done by kiddies nowadays, dictating over the desires and likes of the people. Check their domain whois mostly they are hiding under a whois privacy protection services and also via cloud flare who invites people to be protected because they are just ready for an online attack. Most of the website ranking services are anonymous. They are not transparent in what tools or how do they rank the website based on money paid or what?
  9. Power and control hungry. These website ranking services are power and control hungry. They want to influence your buying patterns. They want to influence and control even what website you join or not.
  10. Incentivized Ranking, Voting, and Commenting. Administrators who own these website ranking services are paying, incentivizing, and bribing people to rank, vote, and even comment with positive comments. What we need is a reality check, and the website if it’s a scam or legit. Remember if you say negative comments about a website, you will be banned, group up, and see if this is manipulated or not, very manipulated according to my experience.

To make it safer, you do your own research is still the best remove all website ranking services insight and see the payment proofs, ask the admin or owner themselves, and not another website to say to you what’s legit or scam. Use the brain. If the administrator or owner of the said website never replied, then chances are they are not interested in helping out after all. Ask the members themselves and get a hold of them privately not displayed publicly because they will ask payment or incentive.

William Nabaza is CEO of Weblord, Inc. and specializes in domain,SSL, webhosting, affiliate program, making money online, internet promotion and internet marketing reach him at http://www.Nabaza.com

I Enjoy The Blessor So Much Than The Blessings

I Enjoy The Blessor So Much Than The Blessings

I enjoyed the Blessor His Name is the LORD JESUS CHRIST of my life in the Bible, so much than His Blessings. I can now continue to feed GOD’S flock and family as GOD will continue to feed me.

Proverbs 10:21 The lips of the [uncompromisingly] righteous feed {and} guide many, but fools die for want of understanding {and} heart.

Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord–it makes [truly] rich, and He adds no sorrow with it [neither does toiling increase it].

As I continue to pursue my career and life of preaching GOD’S WORDS to ALL people if possible I will be fed by GOD from His bountiful riches and blessings, and His blessing will make me rich, take note blessing that is singular and not plural.

More of this on my FREE 1,400+ original sermons.

Here are my favorite bitcoin faucets that I’m visiting on a regular basis.

  1. Adbtc – earn your bitcoins by manual surfing or autosurfing of ads on your computer. It’s fun and enjoyable and like playing a game but you are paid in bitcoins by surfing.
  2. Contract-Miner – Bitcoin Contract Mining Bitcoin Games. Ever wanted to become a bicoin contract miner someday? Now you can in a make believe game you’re playing at the same time you’re earning bitcoins.
  3. Freefaucet – Your earnings goes directly to your ePay/Faucethub account. 50 satoshi every 60 minutes.
  4. Bitnyx – it gives you 0.001 bitcoins every week just by clicking every hour.
  5. Adbtc – earn your bitcoins by manual surfing or autosurfing of ads on your computer. It’s fun and enjoyable and like playing a game but you are paid in bitcoins by surfing.
  6. BTCClicks – as the name suggests you will need your clicking fingers on this one to enjoy the benefits of earning bitcoins at home. So go for it.
  7. Crypto Mining Game – What’s CRYPTO MINING GAME? In Crypto Mining Game, play as a Cryptocurrency Miner in an Original Crypto-Universe!! Mine for game your favorite Crypto-currencies (will never use cpu), do mission to earn Hpower and Ingame Stuff, Collect Original Cards and play with it to Crypto-related Mini-games!

It’s one of my excerpt in my author profile that I just got this last July 24, 2019.

July Update – Get Your U.S.$20.00 Below

William Nabaza here or commonly known as weblord with an update for you, and yes I’ll be including how to get U.S.$20.00 for your use or to post another new project.

First the news..

ViralNugget is my new affiliate partner where I can send email and post my ads as well, and become publishers of their ads and earn some money along with it. I got to choose this because it earned me an accidental commissions, because one of my referrals accidentally upgraded to Silver membership so I got mine. So here’s their ad:

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Another one that caught my attention is ProfitsLion. You know what I’m consistently listed as top 9 clicker there and I always have results in signup and sales. Getting a lot of visitors lately from them so this website earned my second spot. So here’s their ad:

Hear The Lion roar! A 3rd Gen. SafeList..
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Now to earn money on the side since I’m doing this full time, here are my top money earner for this season:

Money Earners:

1. Timebucks – you do activities that are free before but now you will get paid for it. Like doing surveys, watching youtube videos, using your instagram to like, post and comment.

2. Wealthy Affiliate – you can earn a lot from wordpress blogs that will be two for you, business-ready wordpress blogs and they will teach you how to make money off it. Just continue with the training, don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

3. Wowapp – you get to earn with your gadgets like iphone, android or even your second laptop or desktop, just install it’s extension on your browser be it firefox or chrome, then read news, search using it.

4. Adbtc – you click and you earn satoshis, lots of ads to click so therefore lots of satoshis to earn which is easier to convert to bitcoins.

5. Freelancer – this is how you will get your U.S.$20.00 just join in and complete your profile post a free project that’s it and more when you’re inside.

6. Backlink Beast – Be #1 in Google Ranking always for highly competitive keywords and outrank the big boy companies regardless of any new google updates.


There’s a brave new world of browsers made on top of chromium technology that’s a little bit of firefox on it and little bit of chrome. You got Brave Browser. [DOWNLOAD BRAVE BROWSER HERE] . Don’t forget to share the link to your favorite social medias. What I like about it is saves me a lot of time, by blocking scripts, ads and other unwanted parts of the website, you can also block by types. Come and get it, it’s free! Only takes minutes to download. Good for surfing huge amounts of pages and safelist sending as well.

Our Network of Websites Worth Your Attention:

1. Postads – post daily ad to 1,100 classified ads gives you good seo linking on google, bing, yahoo and entireweb. It comes for free, all you have to give is your email address to receive more tips, that’s all.

2. Adboard – my own mini advertising board but somehow it looks like it’s a blog of updates of my newest projects and newest money-making and traffic-building websites.

3. Human Encoders – community of recaptcha encoders and typists, bypass recaptcha and on the background you give these people a living.

4. PaidPost – Get Paid To Portal, relaunching..

5. Search – my very own search engine made with google.

6. Links – my own revived free-for-all links. Post a link or two. It does not need any email address.

7. Weird!?! – latest blog I own, a collection of weird news about weird people, weird events and weird animals.

8. AdClub – Join the club for more extra exposure of your advertisements.

9. AdShare – Share your ads to the world. Just invite 20 people and get PREMIUM. Get to the ads

So that’s about it, my friends, there you have it, please feel free to save this email as your reference material. Until my next update. Stick with me and don’t touch that unsubscribe link.

To our success,

William R. Nabaza,Weblord

Let’s Study Internet Marketing for FREE at the Marketer’s College

What if all of us can return to college and study internet marketing all over again but this time for free? Would that be exciting? Well, I’m quite excited and learn the rudimentary facts of online promotion and internet marketing and learn it from the experts. But this time it will not require any monetary payments. Yes, you will learn all the lessons you want to learn and much, much more.

Marketer's College logo
Marketer’s College logohttp://y.nabaza.com/mc

The main thrust of the courses is how to run a successful business online. Do you know that a traditional business is much more different than running an online business?

The Marketer’s College offers two types of membership: free and the gold membership. Gold membership comes in two options, you can pay it monthly or for those who can afford on a yearly basis.

These are some of the lessons covered in each lesson at Marketer’s College : forum marketing, facebook marketing, business planning, blogging, social media marketing, traffic generation, outsourcing, branding, business ideas, search engine marketing, using camtasia, wordpress, neuro linguistic programming, setting up an affiliate program, cpa advertising, product creation, continuity marketing, subscription products, copywriting, affiliate marketing and making money online.

I know that these are mouth-watering courses and lessons that they are offering for free from basic to advance with a little investment on your end, involving time and money.

Don’t worry, you won’t be information overload again, the cause of not applying what you’ve learned, but you will be able to control your information flow. The way they did it, is simply fantastic, I would register right now for free.

It all starts off with an open and trainable mind that is open for the latest learning technology that involves bootcamp, video training, written training, insider info and community training all done online.

Don’t take my word for it, but take the words of those who made it big after taking up the classes and courses at Marketer’s College.

Update on Nabaza.com and other domains/subdomains I own by: William Nabaza – insignificant slave of GOD

Psalms 31:12  I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind: I am like a broken vessel.

I have updated and relaunched the following websites for your approval.

1. Pray4me.nabaza.com – Post your prayer request or pray for other’s, once you post I can pray for them. Don’t worry, you can post as anonymous, not posting any private information of course. I was surprised that the LORD JESUS CHRIST whom I’m serving is very expert when it comes to preaching but His preaching life was exceeded by His praying life.
Luke 11:1 THEN HE was praying in a certain place; and when He stopped, one of His disciples said to Him, Lord, teach us to pray, [just] as John taught his disciples.

2. sermons.nabaza.com – sermon profile on sermon central

3. Software.nabaza.com – where you can download my ebooks in .exe format only will work in windows of course.

4. Dating.nabaza.com – my dating, romance, and love website very timely specially we’re in the love month

5. Hosting.nabaza.com – my hosting company so that you can register your domain as many as you can for only 1 flat yearly price.

6. NameHost.us – Change of domain from namehost.biz which is no more to namehost.us which makes a lot of sense since majority of my clients are living in the U.S.

7. monitor.nabaza.com – Is your domain on the net? Get rid of your uptime worries for good. We watch your website. Our main goal is to improve your infrastructure performance and prevent downtime to keep you online and available for your customers.

8. gospelsubs.nabaza.com – an attempt to put sub title of lyrics and bible verses to worship videos that I like, some are old videos but they are allowed.

9.  support.Nabaza.com – if you have any unresolved issues pertaining your account on our website, please don’t hesitate to login in your trouble ticket leaving your updated working email address so I can get back to you. Thank you for your patience and thank you very much for availing my products and services on the internet.

10. forums.nabaza.com – Allows public comment and interaction on my updates with my discretion of deleting it.

11. williamnabaza.com – which only points to this website and so that other people will not be able to say and claim that he’s william nabaza but that’s me, of course.

12.  1weblord.com – I was able to keep my email address of weblord@1weblord.com that’s the purpose and also offer domains and web hosting on it, my core products/services.

13.  health.nabaza.com – General Health Products. We offer a wide variety of health products that will help improve your overall health and wellness. Our selection of general health products use the finest all-natural ingredients with formulas developed by expert herbalists. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, whiten your teeth, or improve your health in other ways, we have a General Health Product for you.

14. Miners.Nabaza.com – Miners: Browser Miners Headquarters,

We will mine the browsers of chrome, firefox, edge, safari, chromium, opera and earn lots of crypto-currencies. We also offer downloadable miners that you can use on Windows 32-bit and 64-bit environment. Come and join us.

Just register and leave your browser open and it will mine your browser. You can also open your page after registration on all browsers mentioned.

15. www.Nabaza.com Mailing Lists by: William R. Nabaza – all the newsletters, e-news, updates that I’m sending right now. I would like you to be a part of it as well. It’s a growing lists and I will put up free stuff, and freebies on it. It’a all in the making. You need to validate your email address to avoid sending it to uninterested people.

16. games.nabaza.com – This is the game portal where all games can be played for free without any limit. Invite your friends to play here. formerly games.nabaza.net

17. chat.nabaza.com – Free Worldwide Chat  – Free Chat Worldwide Founded by: William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com chatmate, chat, chat rooms, free chat rooms, free chat, yahoo chat, chat room, webcam chat, free webcam chat. I have upgraded it from discord to slack.

18. freeads.nabaza.com – Post free Classified Ads for jobs, cars, housing, apartments and more…

19. lively.nabaza.com – this is the directory where I placed all of my rss feeds .xml format, please feel free to read it using your rss feed readers or subscribe to it for more benefit for you.

(a) business.xml – for business ads, if you’re looking for business services for your products/services, just subscribe to this rss feed.
(b) coupons.xml – worldwide Voucher Coupon Codes for all of you, I will update it by removing expiring coupons and replace them with new ones with longer expiry dates.
(c) devotions.xml – these are my personal devotions, straight from the LORD JESUS through His WORDS and to your heart.
(d) freebies.xml – freebies offer, as I wanted to give away freebies when I encounter them on the web.

20. apps.nabaza.com – You guessed it right, it’s all repository or directory where you can download all of my android app programs all for free for your android devices. I’m just starting my hands on android apps, please expect for more when you come back.

(a) business.apk – All business services for you if you own a business or a company.
(b) coupons.apk – All Voucher Coupon codes to get that merchandise or item on discount or rebate.
(c) freemags.apk – All free magazines that I’m offering and giving it away for free to top executives of a company.
(d) freesermons.apk – All of my free sermons, use it to satisfy you spiritually or refer it to your pastors.
(e) nabaza-browser.apk – All my links and my very own Android Internet Browser
(f) nabaza.com.apk – This is the Nabaza.com official app
(g) namehost.us.apk – Unlimited Domains and Unlimited Web Hosting all wrapped up in an android app.

21. recycle.nabaza.com – Welcome to Mobile Phone Recycler – you can sell and make money off your old mobile phone. Just search the brand of the cellphone you wish to sell to us and we will take care of it. Just click on the name of the store that wants to buy that old cellphone or mobile phone of yours. – William R. Nabaza – william@nabaza.comwww.Nabaza.comwww.NameHost.us

22. Bulksms.Nabaza.com – When sending personalized sms to 20,000 to 500,000 sms. Needed by huge corporations to manage their sms marketing and sms promotion.

23. Sms.Nabaza.com – When sending personalized sms to 1000 people to 15,000 people. Needed by person on the go or small to medium corporation wanting to gear up their sms marketing and sms promotion.

24. Toolbar.Nabaza.com – Finally we have our own toolbar – the Nabaza.com toolbar – clean toolbar showing all my websites, my bitcoin mining sites and favorite games. Currently, it only installed on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

25. Btc-auto-miner.Nabaza.com – my bitcoin auto miner, that will mine pc resources in exchange for a bitcoin.

26. BTCme.Nabaza.com – my story on how I got into bitcoin mining, bitcoin faucets and programming of different bitcoin miner software.

27. Crypto-auto-miner.Nabaza.com – I then proceeded to program an auto miner that will mine monero and jsecoin in exchange of bitcoin.

28. PaidPost.Nabaza.com – Forum for Get Paid to Auto Mine Crypto-currencies. We share 60%-40% once you register and login, I give you 60% and I’ll take 40%. Just register and login, and leave it overnight.

29. The Rotators – Those that rotate all my websites and affiliate partners.

a. Rotator.Nabaza.com – rotates all my websites, subdomains and pages.

b. Affiliaterotator.nabaza.com – Affiliate Rotator by: William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com and www.NameHost.us is an affiliate rotator online version compared to Affiliate Program which requires does not requires you to download a windows .exe program but this one has same capabilities and serves like 200+ affiliate programs all around the world but there’s no need to download a windows .exe program. With this online program you can manage a global affiliate program right in the comfort of your browser by rotating them.

c. Bitcoinfaucetrotator.Nabaza.com – Bitcoin Faucet Rotator by: William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com and www.NameHost.us is a bitcoin faucet rotator online version compared to bitcoin faucet surfer which requires you to download a windows .exe program but this one has same capabilities and serves like 200+ bitcoin faucet all around the world but there’s no need to download a windows .exe program.

d. Gamesrotator.Nabaza.com – Partnership with a game site. Games Rotator by: William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com and www.NameHost.us is a games rotator online version compared that serves and rotates 305 online games all in flash format supported by an ad so that you can play online games without the need to download bulky .exe programs that is about the size of a gigabite and easily playable using Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome.

e. Slrotator.Nabaza.com – Safelist Rotator by: William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com and www.NameHost.us is a safelist rotator online version compared that serves and rotates all major safelists in the world supported by an ad so that you can used to send a solo ad mailer to people of the world wide web without the need to download bulky .exe programs that is about the size of a gigabite and easily playable using Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome.

30. PostAds.Nabaza.com – Post your free ads to a network of 11,000 Classified Ads Sites in just one click.

31. SMSMarketing.Nabaza.com – Market via SMS your contacts comes in two types – personal sms sending only to a thousand sms with personalization and the other bulk sms that can send to a maximum of million sms.

32. HumanEncoders.Nabaza.com – get paid to type recaptchas and solvemedia, still in the works, a lot of bugs still.

33. Trex.Nabaza.com – Trex Dinosaur traffic – autosurf – your website needs a huge dinosaur traffic. Autosurf for visitors while earning money.

34. World Cup 2018 – our entry in the World Cup 2018.

35. William Nabaza Love Networks – My own dating, love, romance and marriage websites. Love is in the air.

a. Dating.Nabaza.com – Get your casual dating here. Want to love the right man or woman of your life? Become a soulmate for someone else that you really love and want to be with for the rest of your life, then choose to register here for free and get a date in no time that will be the date and love of your life. It’s easy and free.

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d. Different.Nabaza.com – Find someone a lover and a partner this time to understand and take care of you for the rest of your life. It’s not too late. They are just around the corner waiting for you, waiting for love demonstration upon you. Love finds you in unexpected time. This is your time to find a love partner for your life that will stay with you forever no matter what. That’s what love is all about. Not self-seeking but providing self-sacrifice for their loved ones.

e. Beloved.Nabaza.com – CHRISTian dating site. FREE CHRISTIAN DATING SITE: Try this now. Become a member and be loved by one of the lovers of CHRIST JESUS. Be involved in church gatherings and love the One who loved you first. Be one of our active members today and serve the LORD JESUS by serving others.

36. Gamer.Nabaza.com – Are you an Online Gamer?

If you are, come play with me online for 300+ online games for days and nights endlessly, and it’s free. No need to register, no need to download anything, no need for expensive computers. All our games are genuine and latest and you can play it with low memory graphics card.

Are you gamer? I am a gamer, so let’s go play online with free games.

37. Coupons.Nabaza.com – Coupon codes by William R. Nabaza – william@nabaza.com – http://Nabaza.com – http://www.NameHost.us. To take advantage of this, cobrand our content http://lively.nabaza.com/coupons.xml so you can display free coupons on your website so you can attract lots of visitors. You can also give it away as rewards to subscribe to your mailing list or newsletter thus increasing your subscribers. As a corporate user, download our android app and install benefit from hundreds of discount coupons http://apps.nabaza.com/ choose coupons. You may also subscribe for free on our coupons newsletter delivered weekly to your inbox via http://www.Nabaza.com/ I’ll do the hard work for you of removing expired coupons and replacing them with new ones with larger discounts and with longer periods of expiration and you reap the rewards.

38. SoftwareGuru.Nabaza.com – To take advantage of this, visit this page frequently for a fresh new list of software. I could have created a wordpress blog with software directory plugin but it’s slow, needs wordpress and also needs mysql, needs a lot of things. While on this I get down dirty and put in the nitty-gritty bare essentials and what you get a list of premium software.

39. Love.Nabaza.com – William Nabaza Love Networks Unleashed by: William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com and www.NameHost.us. William R. Nabaza Love Networks are a new breed and fresh dating websites that are motivated by a theme, each catering to the love and relationship needs of an individual. I have already blogged about it on http://nabaza.com/love-networks-unleashed/ and now here they are. Ever find yourself looking or searching for a partner on the world wide web. Now here’s your chance, grab that opportunity right now and register for free. There’s a love dating website tailored just for you and they are below. William Nabaza Love Networks – My own dating, love, romance and marriage websites. Love is in the air.

40. Bounties.nabaza.com – are banner teasers as large as I can find on some of the major features of my offering on the web.

41. Teclick.Nabaza.com – Traffic Exchanges Click – Surf all your favorite 15 traffic exchanges at the same time
– Focus on the right image to click not on the tabs
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It has been stopped for a while since clickbank closed down my account upon a false report of an innocent bystander. I’m currently looking for a way to promote it via affiliate program such as paykickstart, or others.

42. Adboard.Nabaza.com – is a self-made advertising board that displays my latest ad on the internet. It’s SEO-friendly and it acts like a real forum.

43. Graphics.Nabaza.com – arepository of all graphics/images that I share around the web that only I can use and see.
44. Earn.Nabaza.com – a combination of Projects.Nabaza.com and Jobs.Nabaza.com. It is a job portal where employers can post for free their job vacancies ads and even get the resume of their online applicants and where job lookers/ job searcher can apply online submitting their resume.
45. Links.Nabaza.com – it’s all my link that I’ve posted for seo and people purposes as well.
46. Biz.Nabaza.com – Since I started full time on my online businesses I have worked with the most stable business online there is and got paid from them since 1995. I want you to have them and benefit from them by earning from them. Here they are in no particular order. I have displayed all full-sized 468×60 banners and counted their clicks as well.
47. Banex.Nabaza.com – an attempt to offer free banner exchange system to the people of the internet. It’s currently set as 2:1 you display 2 and you get 1 display, but you need to display up to 100 banners on your website before it starts to display yours.
48. Hitsales.Nabaza.com – a display of web principles meaning every hit or visitor is converted into sales.
49. Adserver.Nabaza.com – this is my own banner rotation system for full-sized 468×60 banners and 125×125 boxed banners.
50. Jsecoin.Nabaza.com – my miner for jsecoin tokens can be exchanged as etherium or bitcoin.
51. Helpdesk.Nabaza.com – Same as support.nabaza.com to answer all your help concerns.
52. Ebooks.Nabaza.com – a portal of gazillion of free ebooks, latest, trending ebooks for educational and self-improvement purposes.
53. Freemagazines.Nabaza.com – Free 1-year subscription to different and various free magazines latest issues of U.S. Trade Magazines.
54. WorkAtHome.Nabaza.com – you can start anytime working at home with these highly-recommended programs.
55. Cbd.Nabaza.com – this is my portal for CBD Hemp Oil.
56. Search.Nabaza.com – just a customized google settparch.
57. Videos.Nabaza.com – just a collection of my videos but finding time to do it.
58. Store.Nabaza.com – an online store.
59. BitCoinWalls.com – bitcoin faucet claiming portal with 50% affiliate share to all claimers, with bitcoin games, offerwalls, blog, forums, bitcoin faucet rotator, bitcoin faucet miner and more.
60. BitCoinotony.com – bitcoin portal for sale.
61. BitCoinMainer.com – bitcoin portal for sale.
62. SoftWareZion.com – Software For Sale blog.
63. Lazybucks.Nabaza.com – home of the laziest way to earn money via fb.
64. H.Nabaza.com – I’m lifetime gold here.
65. Wowapp.Nabaza.com – home of my wowapp community of referrals.
66. Offers.Nabaza.com – blog of latest freebies, give-aways and special offers on the internet.
67. Hw.Nabaza.com – Customer-Centric 100% Uptime Cloud Web Hosting
68. UniqueHost.Nabaza.com – Unlimited Disk Space/Monthly Traffic/1 Free Domain Name – U.S.$2.99/month. The cheapest I can come up with. Now there’s no reason or alibi not to be hosted.

69. and other things such as I continue to meditate and pray in tongues night and day. I boast in the LORD JESUS and what HE DID for me. Please kindly watch this thread for more updates. This is a growing list.

Romans 10:9 Because if you acknowledge {and} confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and in your heart believe (adhere to, trust in, and rely on the truth) that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

Romans 10:10 For with the heart a person believes (adheres to, trusts in, and relies on Christ) and so is justified (declared righteous, acceptable to God), and with the mouth he confesses (declares openly and speaks out freely his faith) {and} confirms [his] salvation.

Be JESUS-conscious. JESUS must increase, i must decrease.