How Can Classified Ads Help Boost Online Sales? by William Nabaza of

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I still use classified ads since 1995 working on the internet to boost my online sales and they still work today.

Here are five major reasons why classified ads can boost your online sales and you will earn money while sleeping or not.

For those who are still in doubt, this will clear all that doubts and start you from a life-long career of posting ads wherever they are permitted and they are the classified ads.

Here are Seven Major reasons why classified ads can boost your online sales today.

  1. They Are Free.

Don’t underestimate the power of free since the money you can be spending online you can spend on physical pleasures for yourself and your family.

  1. They Are World Wide.

Classified ads are open to everyone, everybody from all walks of life, from every culture and on the world wide web.

  1. They Will Not Call Your Links Spam.

They are there for a reason to accept your web address links and images for free. This will give you an extra edge in SEO capability and SEO functionalities.

  1. They Allow Links Or Web Address.

Long before the social medias have been treated for SEO linkages/backlinks, there are already existing classified ads on the internet. They are slowly dying but little did people know they are a great source for backlinks. Since majority of them are listed on the search engines then anyone can boost their backlinks quantity and quality using classified ads.

  1. They Allow Images.

The search engines are also indexing images if you still don’t know and when clicked will lead to your website. Don’t forget images, graphics and pictures plays huge role in seo as well.

  1. They Get Listed On Search Engines The Fastest.

Since sometimes the search engines qualifies a website for a listing, if some websites have already linked back to them making that website sort of an influencer and a guide for some people on the internet. The search engines will treat them as some kind of a reference for people helping them out on the internet so your website will be treated with respect and will be deemed appropriate for an index or listing on the major search engines.

  1. They Get You More Eyeballs On Your Products And Services Since People Are Already Searching For Something When They Come To Classified Ads.

If your products, websites or services are listed then chances are you are seen for them and you will get first to being hired or ending up with a sale or two since are already listed on them.

Let me start you on that career of ad posting with these classified ads and do them daily. I have one classified ad site below where you can list your 1 ad with a click to 1,100 classified ads website, try to discover them for yourself as a bonus. – paid service

Advantages Of Walmart Gift Cards by William R. Nabaza of

  1. Attract New Customers

Shops usually crave for more buying and shopping customers and the walmart gift cards offer these solutions to them since they have price tag on it and most likely to be spent in a couple of days because of deadlines.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

The Walmart gift cards are just like credit cards or paper money but it offers more the logo of Walmart stores. It always reminds the customer to shop around for their wants and needs.

  1. Improve Sales By Selling And Accepting Gift Cards

Walmart accepts credits cards and what’s more is Walmart accepts their own Walmart gift cards from consumers.

  1. Reduce Fraud

The Walmart Gift cards can be personalized because you can write your own name on it and therefore if stolen from you the thief will have to show valid identification cards to claim ownership of the Walmart gift card which is impossible to produce.

  1. Gift Giving

CHRISTmas is still far away but it encourages gift giving since you have this Walmart gift cards, spend it on your own or do it as a gift while you are with the individual as well.

  1. Good Cause

The company wants to share good cause so that it will be returned kindly to the store in many good returns.

  1. Encourages Buying More

The shop loves people to shop around and also loves the shoppers and these Walmart gift cards has deadline on it so the person carrying it will be prompted to shop more and shop earlier. Usually it will be overcharged because people loves to shop more and it started the shopping habit again for them, so they will usually spend more than that of the U.S.$1,000 price tag.

  1. Buyers Will Not Overspend

As for the frugal buyer, they will monitor the price and will likely spend less than the price tag of their Walmart gift card so the remaining cash value remains on the store.

  1. Everybody Wants One

Of course, who would not want one Walmart gift card especially priced at U.S.$1,000 spending value?

  1. They Are Safe and Convenient

The Walmart Gift Card carries expiry date and the name of the person who will benefit from it so the shop knows the person in advance and the person carrying the Walmart gift card will not forget the deadline on the gift card.

I know where to get one U.S.$1,000 Walmart Gift Card. It’s in the following websites:

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U.S.$1,000 Walmart Gift Card

Walmart Gift Cards

WordPress versus Bloggger/Blogspot by William Nabaza of

I have started with blogging with Blogspot way back 1995 being Blogspot as my very first blog. I remember using it’s subdomain promoting it as my own as I learn how to blog and still until today I’m learning how.

Then comes the time that I need to change themes and I found out by experience that wordpress has lots of free themes and it’s easier to snatch one and make it your own customized one leaving no trace for the first template/theme creator if you know what I mean.

Now let’s compare them and I’ll mention WordPress first since it’s my favorite and then Blogspot/Blogger.

  1. Both can use your own existing domain name or subdomain. For wordpress, simply host it on your own server or pay them to set it up for you remotely hosted. Blogspot can make use of your CNAME and A for domain names and just the A service of your DNS (Domain Name System) for subdomain.

This is very important for branding your own business online. You have to promote your own domain name and not another’s.

  1. WordPress offers lots of free themes in exchange of a backlink. Blogspot offers just a few and you go for the paid ones.
  2. WordPress offers free hosting using their .org extension while you can use Blogspot or use the A services for your subdomain.
  3. WordPress offers lots of free and paid plugins. Blogspot offers widgets since Blogspot is already alright with SEO since it’s owned by Google and Google loves it’s own. Blogspot also offers tough security so it’s never a problem with Blogspot.
  4. WordPress can easily be moved from one hosting to another and it also imports or exports it’s blog contents. Blogspot offers a little challenge when you do this, to come up with a solution always backup your blogs in a form of posts/articles.
  5. Both offers excellent SEO (search engine optimized) ability of your blogs. WordPress can make use of seo plugins, while Blogspot is already built-in since it will be prioritized by Google since Google owns it for those who don’t know it.
  6. WordPress offers flexible removal of it’s programmer’s copyrights below or on the left side. Blogspot changes it’s policies about this but for now you can’t remove it but only add to it.
  7. WordPress offers not too strong security for blogs but with the little help from Wordfence you can get along. Blogspot has very tough security like it’s mother company Google.

It’s time to be hosted with WordPress try this for size

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Don’t Trust Any Website Rating Services by William Nabaza of

I have been in website rating services; you see those websites that tell or dictate you, which is a scam or which is legit. You know it didn’t work out, and here are ten legit reasons why it will not work for you and me.

  1. Mess up with the admin/owner; you mess up your website rating. Of course, they are in this for the money and not helping people. They are not on it for “We Help Each Other To Make Money,” but they are here to share in your income.
  2. Most of those who ran the website rating services do not speak English, so expect poor communication all the way.
  3. It can be manipulated. If the website is owned by paid advertisers, then if the website is scam, you can’t tag or call it as a scam because they are paid, or the admin/owner of website rating services will fight for them on their behalf.
  4. The idea of website rating websites on your behalf is very childish. People with no intelligence and wisdom will just fall for its victim, and they will obey blindly what these website rating services say.
  5. Paid advertisers, paid rankings, and paid classification will stop you on day 1. Remember money for this website rating services owners is god for them; money makes their world go round. So people can buy not to become scam/spam.
  6. Website Ranking services are a source of spam/scam. To be frank and a reality check, please all of these website ranking services be it in the form of a blog, forum, or a customized website ranking script is just sending out spam by the hour or even by the minute every time someone edits or updates the rank of a website. It’s just a waste of time.
  7. They are just annoyances and nuisance since you only need one website to confirm payment to, and all they have left to do is send you a gazillion of websites you don’t need to check or join in.
  8. These website ranking services are done by kiddies nowadays, dictating over the desires and likes of the people. Check their domain whois mostly they are hiding under a whois privacy protection services and also via cloud flare who invites people to be protected because they are just ready for an online attack. Most of the website ranking services are anonymous. They are not transparent in what tools or how do they rank the website based on money paid or what?
  9. Power and control hungry. These website ranking services are power and control hungry. They want to influence your buying patterns. They want to influence and control even what website you join or not.
  10. Incentivized Ranking, Voting, and Commenting. Administrators who own these website ranking services are paying, incentivizing, and bribing people to rank, vote, and even comment with positive comments. What we need is a reality check, and the website if it’s a scam or legit. Remember if you say negative comments about a website, you will be banned, group up, and see if this is manipulated or not, very manipulated according to my experience.

To make it safer, you do your own research is still the best remove all website ranking services insight and see the payment proofs, ask the admin or owner themselves, and not another website to say to you what’s legit or scam. Use the brain. If the administrator or owner of the said website never replied, then chances are they are not interested in helping out after all. Ask the members themselves and get a hold of them privately not displayed publicly because they will ask payment or incentive.

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