1. Witch Crossword
Walk through the dark witch’s forest and solve the crossword puzzle! Do you dare?

2. Solitaire MasterSolitaire Master
You can choose one of the three game variations: solitaire, freecall or spiderette. Clear the table by ranking the cards in solitaire

3. Space MandalaSpace Mandala
In this awesome HTML5 Game Space Mandala, you have to create mandala’s in the SPACE! It is not as simple as it sounds, because you have to use the right figures to create this mandala. How far can you go in this puzzle space game?

4. Cute Monster BondCute Monster Bond
Get ready for the sweetmonster match 3 adventure puzzle! Join this unforgettable adventure, play with your friends, win TIME!

5. Airplane BattleAirplane Battle
Fly circles in your cool red airplane. You have to shoot on the blue airplanes by flying behind them. But if they fly after you, they will shoot you! So watch out were you fly!

6. Ninja ActionNinja Action
You are the ninja and you have to survive as long as possible. Walk across the ground and if there is a wall you should avoid it as quickly as possible, you do this by jumping against the ceiling! You can walk over the ceiling! Haven’t you always wanted to do that?

7. Sunset Sudoku ChallengeSudoku Sunset Challenge
This is a normal Sudoku game, with the same rules as always. But you play it with the calmness of a sunset as background! Relaxing.

8. Freecell ChallengeFreecell Challenge
The classic card game is now available in HTML5. Play solitaire in the car, bus or at work, because there’s always time for a relaxing game of Solitaire!

9. Candy RunnerCandy Runner
Candy runner is a very fun and relaxed game. Help the cute girl jump from candy to candy! Beware of floating candies!

10. Gear EscapeGear Escape
Gear Escape – is a casual HTML5 game. Escape from the acid liquid jumping from platform to platform and break all your records!

11. Emoticon BalloonsEmoticon Balloons
Match the two balloons with the same emotions with each other. But be quick, the balloons are really fast!

12. Galaxy BattleGalaxy Battle
Galaxy Battle is an awesome space battle HTML5 game, where you can choose your own spaceship! Shoot on enemies, rocks and avoid damages. Do you have the skills to manage your own spaceship? Find out now in Galaxy Battle!

13. Neon GlowNeon Glow
Play now this awesome neon game, where your in control of a neon glow spaceship. You have three roads with obstacles that you can take down by using your bullets. Try to set a highscore by shooting and dodging!

14. Chubby Boy RunChubby Boy Run
Survive as long as possible in the three landscapes with the chubby boy. Use all your speed to avoid the obstacles and set the highest score!

15. WalkrazyWalkrazy
This pedestrian is crazy and the only thing that keeps him from being hit is you. Come on, help our Walkrazy survive as much as possible.

16. Balloons Path SwipeBalloons Path Swipe
Do you like match 3 games? Then we have great news. This is a match3 game with balloons! And new challenges per level. GOD bless!

17. 3anglez3Anglez
In this awesome HTML5 game 3 anglez you are the black triangle. You have to avoid the falling blue triangles and shake off the little red triangles. You have to react fast before they get you!

18. Triangle EnergyTriangle Energy
Triangle Energy is a simple and fun puzzle game. Select three identical gems in the shape of a triangle and all the gems in these triangle will be destroyed.

19. Clockwork Beetles ChallengeClockwork Beetles Challenge
Your goal is to repair as many beetles as possible within the given time. The more beetles, the more points and energy you earn.

20. Temple Ball ChallengeTemple Ball Challenge
Try to get as high as possible with the ball, but watch out, the beams on the side move.

21. Dragon vs. Icy BricksDragon VS Icy Bricks
In the game Dragon vs Icy Bricks you are the dragon. On your way you will pass some blocks with numbers. You have to break them. If the number is more than your dragon, you will die. Your dragon can be longer by collecting numbers you will see on the way.

22. Speedy BoatSpeedy Boat
Speedy Boat is an awesome HTML5 game where you need to use your speedy skills to move all the boats. Try to avoid the other boats otherwise you will cause an accident. Try to set an highscore in all the levels, easy, medium and hard!

23. Tetroid 3 ChallengeTetroid 3 Challenge
Tetroid is a more challenging and fun brain teaser for all ages. In this puzzle game you drag and drop the elements on the 10 x 10 board and fill the horizontal or vertical row to clear your board. The game ends when you cannot fit an element onto your board anymore.

24. Monster Smack ChallengeMonster Smack Challenge
Monster Smack a funny little action game that will make you smile everytime you pick it up. Monster Smack is a colorfull and funny action game with cheeky monsters and cool graphics.

25. Cave of Doom ChallengeCave of Doom Challenge
Tired of chopping wood with nothing but an old axe? Vrinnn, vrinnn, vrinnn!!! Chainsaw Chuck is an 8bit arcade game with pixel art graphics and brings back this old school gameplay feeling.

26. Chainsaw Chuck ChallengeChainsaw Chuck Challenge
Tired of chopping wood with nothing but an old axe? Vrinnn, vrinnn, vrinnn!!! Chainsaw Chuck is an 8bit arcade game with pixel art graphics and brings back this old school gameplay feeling.

27. zBall 5 Mountain ChallengezBall 5 mountain edition Challenge
A new version of the famous zBall game! Set the highest score you can! Collect as many items as you can to increase your score, but watch out, the further you get, the faster you will go!

28. Donut Shooter ChallengeDonut Shooter Challenge
Play this delicious new bubble shooter game, made out of tasty donuts!

29. The Office GuyThe office guy
The Office guy is the biggest hero of the office, his boss is a bad guy, who kills people if they don’t listen to him. The office guy is trying to get him killed and he needs your help! Defeat the evil boss and kill them all!

30. Neon Battle TankNeon Battle Tank
Protect yourself and your base from the attacks of enemy tanks.

31. Color PinColor pin
Shoot all the colored balls onto the colored rolling wheel. The aim is to match the balls to the same color on the wheel.

32. Pizza Ninja 3Pizza ninja 3
Cut, slice and slash all the pizza ingredients like a ninja! Become a real Pizza Ninja, but be carefull for the bombs!

33. Get 10Get 10
Make the right combinations in Get 10! Figure out your strategy to reach a block of 10 combinations and finish the level with the highest score possible!

34. Draw and GuessDraw and Guess
Guess what the others draw and they have to guess what you draw! You have a couple of minutes.

35. LogiCheckLogicheck
Fill the figures with there own shadows. You have a few points to make them.

36. Sweet Candy
In these match3 game you have to match the candy. How awesome is that, with candy! Delicious

37. Light RaysLight Rays
Bring the light rays to the glass bulb with help from the mirrors, but you only have a few mirrors for a level.

38. Angela's High School ReunionAngela’s High School Reunion
Play the 3RD season of the hit time management game and enjoy a new adventure with your favorite fabulous fashion icon.

39. Egypt's Stone WarEgypt Stone War
Egypt Stone War is a game where you have to attack all the mummies with stones, but be carefull and quick they will attack you to. You can use the shield to protect yourself.

40. SwipexSwipex
Move the tiny hexagons to bigger hexagons, using fewest moves as possible.

41. Unmatch The CandiesUnmatch the Candies
In unmatch the candies, you need to move the same candies from each other. Try to pass all the levels, the further you get the harder it gets.

42. Traffic Car RacingTraffic Car Racing
Hold your seat, because this car racing game can only be played with high speed and a lot of focus! Choose your badass car and go on the road as ghost rider.. How long can you survive?

43. Neon DunkNeon Dunk
Neon Dunk is an exciting skill based game where you have to maneuver the ball through the hoops, collect stars and avoid the spikes!

44. GodaiGodai
In Godai you are in control of the elements! Fuse elements together to unlock their evolution, gain power ups and complete the objective of every level!

45. Design Santa's SleighDesign Santa Sleigh
Great Santa sleigh design game!

46. Santa's Gift LineSanta’s Gift Line
Help Santa arrange the presents! Place three of the same presents next to each other and they will be yours!

47. Christmas GiftsChristmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts are here! Make the correct combinations to open the gifts and score points!

48. Santa RunSanta Run
Santa Claus is in a hurry! Help him deliver all of the gifts through the chimneys of the houses! Dodge all of the gaps and the falling icicles!

49. Robbers In TownRobbers in Town
The thieves have robbed a bank in the Town! Try to help them escape and steal some extra gold on there way out. In this challenging game you have to pay attention to two thieves at the same time. Do you have enough focus to help them both to get out of this town?

50. Little BlocksLittle Blocks
Shoot the targets with the blocks, collect the stars and claim all boxes in Little Blocks!

51. Christmas SwapChristmas Swap
Santa could use your help! Make combinations with three or more of the same tiles and set the highest score you can! Watch the timer, it will start running low if you can’t find any combinations!

52. Winter MahjongWinter Mahjong
Winter Mahjong puts your intelligence and insight to the test! This game plays like the classic Mahjong games, but this one has gotten a digital makeover! If you are really stuck in a level, you can ask for a tip or reshuffle the board, but the further you get, the less you will be able to use these abilities! Play the game and try to clear the boards before time runs out!

53. Santa On SkatesSanta on Skates
Christmas is coming, and the Santa has changes his reindeer’s for ice skates! Now Santa needs your help to collect all the presents and candy for the kids.

54. Find The Candy 2 WinterFind The Candy 2 Winter
Find the Candy Winter edition is a challenging HTML5 game where you have to seek for the hidden stars, to finish the game you have to find the candy. You have to focus and put a lot of effort to find the candy because it can be everywhere! Are you up for this challenge?

55. Emily's Christmas CarolEmily’s Christmas Carol
In Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol Deluxe, Emily and the family set out on a trip up north to a cute little cottage for the holidays. It turns out their train ride may follow the tracks to new friends and unexpected adventure… So bake a big batch of cookies, and settle in with a hot drink to warm up your Christmas spirit in Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol Deluxe!