Is Live Chat Support Killing Your Landing Page Conversions?

For the majority of us that are working at home and doing everything to earn money on the internet, this is the tool that you are looking for. Jivochat / Jivosite is the tool that can convert your visitors into paying clients with the simplicity of it greeting every visitor that comes to your website. Perhaps the simplicity of it are the ones that we’re missing to give us conversions. Your dead webpage can’t do it alone, you need a robotic app that greets plus combined with a customer support at the back of it tying everything into one portal. You can get access to your messages from viber, emails, Facebook pages, Telegram, and even on your own created android app. When you integrate it into your customer support via email, your email will become faster because it’s just like chatting when you’re sending an email. Your web visitors can instantly upload a file and you can reply back with a file attachment as well, making your communication faster and easier.

Jivochat - Turn Visitors Into Clients
Jivochat – Turn Visitors Into Clients

When competitors of Jivochat are still planning to integrate their chat applet anywhere, Jivochat already left them light years away because Jivochat is already doing that and a whole lot more. Of all the chat applet that I came to use before I met Jivochat, Jivochat is much faster in loading, faster in notification to and from the administration visitor’s panel, and very easily integrated with various content management system (cms) out there, and they will give you the whole code. This is one install and forget since after installation of the said code, all you have to do is customize it to your liking inside the administration panel, settings and on the options. You even customize the welcome message that it popups and customizable on all websites that you own. You can also remove their logo so it will appear as white-label chat applet.

Now to answer the question, Is Live Chat Support Killing Your Landing Page Conversions? No, actually Live Chat is making the landing page conversions more alive with it’s human-like features such as: greet the customer which is the obvious thing to do, offer them our help, tell them good things like welcoming them to the website are all routines of building a rapport. How can you expect a web visitor to fall in love with a landing page like this, Oh I love this landing page so much that I would like to buy from them and to be converted from a visitor to a buyer. No, of course, but you can fall in love with the hospitable people that greets you whenever you visit their websites, welcomes you to the website and offer you their help. Chances are you will buy from a website that has a human being or manned by a human being rather than manned by a landing page conversion. What’s more landing page conversions is when a customer is ready to buy but before that you need to be friendly first to them, welcoming them, and building a rapport by offering your help to them.

My friends and clients I tell you that Jivochat / Jivosite is the best chat applet and trouble ticket there is. It has changed the way all of my websites, all 46 of them, handle customer retention and most important of all, sales. Let me cite some examples to you and pickup the most high traffic of all my websites.

1. www.Nabaza.commy blog / updates of all my web projects. Before it’s just dry, dead and no emotions at all, when Jivochat / Jivosite were added into it, it has changed all of a sudden, I knew then that there are people in that wanted to chat with me and wanted to reach out to me but email is kinda boring to them. Along came this Jivochat / Jivosite that gave life to

2. – It’s a GPT (Get Paid To) Portal with all it’s capabilities and functions like get paid to click, get paid to sign up on offers, get paid to watch videos, get paid to complete a survey, get paid to download, get paid to install software, get paid to post, get paid to promote, get paid to surf, get paid to read emails, and much, much more will not connect to members without Jivochat / Jivosite now it’s a living machine, and I’m thinking to add get paid to Jivo on it maybe in the near future.

3. – This community of people who earn their living encoding captchas of all kind – rain captchas, Google recaptchas, Solvemedia, KeyCaptcha, WebMinePool, and coming soon is FunCaptcha if they realize the fun in doing this, much more became alive and hospitable because of Jivochat / Jivosite and I know you’re the next success story of Jivochat / Jivosite.

So let your website come alive and turn web visitors into web clients.

Now to answer your question, Is Live Chat Support Killing Your Landing Page Conversions? Yes and yes, it’s actually complementing each other. Your landing page conversion is there to attract, tease, and compel your visitor prospects but Jivochat / Jivosite is there for the kill.

Now again, accept my invitation to let’s Jivochat / Jivosite your website.

Still not convince? Enjoy this video.

Now after enjoying that superb Jivochat / Jivosite Youtube video. I invite you to come and view inside my Jivochat / Jivosite, and I wrote this poem for you.

Come, come inside my Jivo
Where all the exchanges of Hi and Hello,
Are Happening here and there,
Just to realize an awesome sale…

woohooo Inside my Jivo.. oh yeah.