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Finally our wait is over, every month there will be featured ebooks, webinars, magazines, free eguides and free reports with complete description of each for us exactly to be in the know. This is totally a game changer and also a guide for our paradigm shift. Check them out now, the featured ebooks can be accessedd on featured ebooks and trending resources, you may also check out the my library and new resources. Check them out on Career Research Library.

Traffic Backdoor

Discover 8 (eight) unique methods used to generate an avalanche of instant traffic. You may need to watch the youtube video that comes along with it to understand this 8 unique methods never been shown on the internet.

Traffic Spy

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Four New Games This January – Play Online Now!

William R. Nabaza here with four new games for your enjoyment, namely: Candy Blocks, Piggy Night, Neon Shoot and Pingu and Friends.

Enjoy, please don’t forget to forward this game to a friend or two by clicking the forward link on top.

Candy Blocks
Are you able to get all blocks exactly in the big block?

Piggy Night
Aim and shoot! Shoot the piggys in the circles and watch out for the monsters!

Neon Shoot
How many goals can you make?

Pingu and Friends
Can you reach the top? Jump as high as you can. GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH!


more here

gamer has also a facebook page at Game Channel Community. Please kindly like, share on your wall, and invite people to it.

Work From Home Philippines

Work From Home Philippines – is about a blog about a father working at home living in the Philippines. You know how life is too hard in the Philippines and yet with this seven free online business opportunities you can start your e-life so that you can work from home Philippines

I have started working online since 1995 and afterwards worked in various corporations in the Philippines so I will not be working for somebody else that is of a foreign descent, simply put I don’t want to be working abroad and leaving my family. If ever I will be going abroad it will be with my family altogether.

There are several reasons why we need to work at home and they are the most obvious ones. Simply you have an entrepreneurial or netpreneurial spirit which you don’t allow people to rule over you but you want your own business doing at your own terms. Others are they don’t want to commute and stay with the family to enjoy the time with the family.

I will reveal several income opportunities that I saw online and are paying me regularly and I would like to share them to you in the hopes that you will signup after me as an affiliate partner.

Here they are:

1. Resellerspanel – if you are a techie like me, you can right away sell domain names, secure socket layers and webhosting via online. There’s no capital to do this actually but you just join in a white-label company called resellerspanel.

2. Revresponse – I like to give away things and stuff that are of value to other people. If you know influential people such as corporation owners, managers, supervisors, and team leaders and those who are entrepreneurial in spirit you can give away U.S. trade magazines and ebooks to them and you earn from U.S.$5.00 to U.S.$20.00 a piece.

3. Zazzle – if you have a talent in art that you can design them via adobe photoshop and/or adobe illustrator like me then this one’s for you. Design one time and let your designs appear in t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, slippers, aprons, boots, cellphone covers and more. It’s free to start and actually there’s no capital provided you already have a computer at home and an internet.

4. Tpmrotator – this is highly for the advanced users those who are internet marketers using safelists, classified ads and traffic exchanges. This is a rotator that will allow you to promote one url or web address and it rotates all your websites on it.

5. Jivochat – this is a chat panel that you see on front of my blog on the lower right. It allows you to chat with you web visitors in real-time so that you can chat them to buy your items if you’re selling any or just to build a rapport online.

6. Health and Body Naturals – this is a health and body shop online that has manufactured cbd hemp oil, the latest trend in medicine and health business that shocked the world. Do you know that it has already produced a lot of millionaires? It’s free to join in. Join in and create your own health shop.

7. Instant Article Wizard – one sale of this software will give you U.S.$100 in sales. Check it all out.

8. Wealthy Affiliate – This website will allow you to submit training materials for free and based on likes and comments you will receive a cash credits that can be used to withdraw as real money or to upgrade yourself with the system.

9. WowApp – This program will allow you to earn, share and do good using familiar internet places that we’re using before but are not getting paid for it. These are chatting, reading news, searching, downloading apps, even watching videos and completing surveys and many more. They are growing everyday even while you use the mobile swipe, you read an ad, you earn money and you can refer people to it up until 8th generation of referrals.

The above-mentioned companies are all free to join in, they are so-called Free business opportunities that you can join in that will allow you to work from home Philippines

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I ran across a company in Ohio selling organic and non-GMO
products for chronic inflammation. All of their products are plant
based with no artificial ingredients or “fake” vitamins made in a

I love these products so much that I’ve decided to start selling

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Your U.S.$25.00 Gift Certificate has following features:

Making a purchase of $25 or more.
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To Our Success,
William R. Nabaza

[] Updates, News and Developments, More Exposures For Your Websites

Update on how to get P50 here in the Philippines, official mailing lists, trafficwave updates, article creation wizard, the perfect rotator, etc.

Hello there,

I hope you are in excellent condition and I would like to greet you merry CHRISTmas and remember JESUS CHRIST is the Reason for the Season.

I have transferred you to my own official mailing list hosted at and quit paying my TrafficWave fees to get a mailing list. It’s so much in the pocket for me at the moment. The only thing lost here is that I can’t call your name or first name here but to replace that every email you can forward to your loved ones and associates just refer below after my email signature. Thank you very much for sticking around with me through thick and thin.

Some plans for me is to remove all miners from my main website of and make it like my blog again with no miners at all. 🙁 Still I won’t keep fighting with the anti-virus for they declared it to be virus-like. Anyways, they won I will remove it on my next update. Also the free magazines offer will be removed and will retain it to it’s own page: Free Magazines.

I have to relaunched so it will posts every 24 hours to 1,100 free classified ads site giving your free ads more exposures, imagine it’s good SEO or search engine optimization practice since in just one click you can have your website listed to 1,100 websites with zero effort from you.

I also launched a new blog and it’s called Reviews and you can access it at which intends to review gadgets as it come but it will not offer a free review, you may just reply back if you own or are manufacturing an electronic gadget, but the price is not cheap by the way.

All the TrafficWave links I have on the main page of my blog are not functional by the way, so I need to remove all of them, it’s a waste of space and SEO for me. I won’t benefit from it and so the company as well or they will just redirect it to their homepage, it’s not a win-win situation for me at all.

Please do continue to remain as my subscriber to this mailing list I hope this is our permanent home.

You can also read my updates on twitter by the way.

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You are already doing these online activities but no one’s paying you to do it. You like pages on facebook, you follow and tweet twitter messages, you share posts on linkedin, you watched and liked youtube videos, you follow on instagram and you use your account to vote on google. What if you can make money these social activities online and someone will pay you a minimum of U.S.$2.00 via paypal?

What’s more, you can further earn online doing these:

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– No Limit for Earnings!

Dream no more. A whole planet will. Go there.


Get started with 50 PHP to pay your bills or load your phone

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[FOR INDIANS ONLY] Hindi Love Indian Matrimonial. Hindi Love can help Indians secure a dating with another Indian. Just register and browse other profiles of Indians. [GET IT NOW].

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I’m very excited about this powerful article creation program and it makes writing article so much more interesting and of course much faster. All my frustration and loads of my time to create an article has been totally minimized to over 75% of the time it used to take me to create my articles for my post. I’m actually thinking about starting a content creation business!!

20% discount when you sign up with their newsletter.

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Traffic and Money!

Hey there,

Remember how we look for web traffic and money on the internet and this one online tool does both.

With it’s downline builder, it gives you guaranteed signups on your programs and allows you to submit your unlimited 468×60 banner ads and textlinks.

With it’s generous 25% commissions on every PRO sale gives you up to U.S.$19+ for each sale.

Try it now and upgrade to PRO.

Love Rotator – Rotator That Rotates All Dating Websites That I Own

LoVe Rotator is a temporary project and will be short-lived but facing the facts about it. But in reality I really want to maintain it for as long as i live.  Love Rotator  will rotate all 35 dating websites that I own so that you will be presented with a variety of theme-related dating website. For example if you are divorced singles then this is for you. In the meantime, enjoy being single but from time to time have a date in your life while online. I was already expert in rotating websites , why not come to think of it, rotate dating websites. This is free service by the way. Give some love.

How To Be Whitelisted During ICO?

How To Be Whitelisted During ICO?
William R. Nabaza

What is whitelist in ICO?
A whitelist in ICO means that you have to register in advance to participate in the ICOs, which are usually hallmarks of popular ICOs that have a limited number of coins to offer.

How To Be Whitelisted in JSEcoin?
Just goto
Bookmark the url and complete the form.

Please prepare the following:
your email address that you’ve used as registered JSE coin member, your full name, your home address, and your etherium address, you can get your etherium address free from my MYETHERWALLET.COM, sum of etherium you are willing to invest, and submit the form.

No Etherium?? I can help you. You can use Etherium Mining Bot for free to mine etherium on telegram, I will teach you how via email. Just email me:

Just go here to claim 3 times a day your free etherium

Now you are ready to buy JSE coin. Enjoy being whitelisted.

This is the form to be whitelisted:

You can also review the steps here

Don’t forget”

www dot Nabaza dot com
www dot NameHost dot us
my email is:

Background Worship:
I Know Who I Am
Sang by:

please buy her albums…..

What will create demand on exchange for the JSE Token?

Welcome to JSECOIN
What will create demand on exchange for the JSE Token?
By: William R. Nabaza
www dot Nabaza dot com
www dot NameHost dot us

Currently we have six I call it six obvious factors that will create the demand for the JSE token.
What are they? They are the following:

Number 1. Website Owners – who are mining JSE coin through the user of their website. They are currently “hudl” – holding on to their JSE coin tokens.

Number 2. Brand Advertisers – who will fund ad campaigns by means of their own money.

Number 3. Clients using JSE tokens for enterprise solutions – they found JSE coins as valuable as money itself so they use it for their enterprise solutions.

Number 4. Exchange Trading – These exchanges like My Etherium Wallet who can adopt to customized token and are willing to take JSE tokens in.

Number 5. Consumers already paying for merchang products and services using JSE coin. – These are consumers who are clients of website owners who are selling on their websites and requiring JSE coin as payment.

Number 6. Platform Miners – who don’t have a website of their own but they can do browser mining 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through browser, windows app, and android app.

Like the website owners, they are currently HUDL as well.

In review, what will create demand on exchange for the JSE Token?

Website Owners
Brand Advertisers will fund ad campaigns
Clients using JSE tokens for enterprise solutions
Exchange Trading
Platform Miners
and consumers already paying for merchant products and services

Answers are based here:×1024.png

Video Tutorial:

Background Worship:
Forever Sang by:
Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes

Please kindly buy their album.
Gospel Music

LoveCoin$ Pays For Your Premium Membership

Dasmarinas, Cavite, August 28, 2018 – launches LoveCoin$ – an online social networking currency which pays premium membership on premium dating websites in exchange for an odd job done at which includes and is quickly expanding oddjobs such as click on an ad, signup on a website, watch a video, do surveys, play a game, browse a website, install on android gadget, chat, surf websites, etc. online activities which you normally do but you’re not getting paid for it. This time William R. Nabaza, owner/founder and inventor of LoveCoin$ , came to the rescue by voluntering himself with the aid of LoveCoin$ to pay for your premium membership in the amount of U.S.$20.00 monthly on participating 35 dating websites and still growing by means of accumulating LoveCoin$ on the said website. Since this LoveCoin$ is just starting, the exchange rate currently is 10,000 LoveCoin$ is equal to U.S.$1.00. Since this is the time for crypto-currencies and bitcoin, the launched of the said product is very timely and helps out people that wants to get a date but can’t afford the premium monthly membership of a premium member so that they can communicate with their prospect for dates online. “It’s never been done before, usually relationship and money are separate entities but with this product they are combined into one.”, said William R. Nabaza, Pinoy Weblord.

LoveCoin$ supports GDPR since it only requires two information from the interested member of a dating website namely their username and the website they are registered on. LoveCoin$ also features chat and trouble ticketing system so that members can be helped at the speed of light so that their premium membership are paid in no time at all. LoveCoin$ came to the idea of William R. Nabaza when he himself registered on his own 35 dating websites and wanted to communicate with members of the said dating websites and found it too difficult since he joined as a free member. Now to help those people all wanting to do is to date or even chat online with their prospect dating buddy and could not do so because of a premium monthly fee of U.S.$20.00 subject to change based on the current rates of dating websites, LoveCoin$ came into being and was created.

LoveCoin$ has currently partnered with different competing rewards and incentive companies to make this possible. The rewards and incentives company has a diverse pool of advertisers with deep pockets eager to pay anyone who will do their bidding or simple odd jobs online. This payment will be converted from LoveCoin$ to an actual money to pay for the member’s premium based on the above-mentioned exchange rate.

LoveCoin$ is currently open for partnership as well with different rewards and incentive companies and also with different dating websites that will integrate LoveCoin$ to their dating system.

When asked about the secret to longevity and unique great ideas, Weblord William R. Nabaza just replied, “Zechariah 4:6 Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit [of Whom the oil is a symbol], says the Lord of hosts.” The LORD JESUS is the Secret.

About Wiliam R. Nabaza

Owner, Founder, Creator, CEO, Pinoy Weblord, and President of is a network of sites which aims to help newbies and professional website developer as well by hosting and utilitizing the power of the internet for the benefit of many.


William R. Nabaza, CEO, Founder and Pinoy Weblord Network Of Sites

How To Use Desktop Application of JSECOIN?

Navigate to JSE coin Downloads by typing www dot jsecoin dot com slash EN slash downloads and press Enter
When you’re there, click on Download and save the file on your computer. The file is about 103 mb in size.
The filename is JSEcoinDesktopLatest.exe, then click on Save File

Install it on your computer. The latest that I have downloaded is version 0.5.5 the page is not updated.

Advantages of this windows app are:

– automatic mining
just double click the app and you are mining

– faster mining
i have reached like 12,000+ hashes per second using this app than before I got like 3000 using it on chrome.

– Simpler
not too many buttons to click, just set up and forget

– Doesn’t crash
for now it didn’t crashed my computer and I can still work while it mines in the background.

This is how it looks like in the JSE coin app desktop version in Windows 7. You have to provide for the first access, your JSE coin credentials such as your email and password then you may login. You can still register if you don’t have an account.

Accomplish the google recaptcha for security purposes and login inside.

It will be the same with the look and feel of the browser version it shows you your balance, earnings today and mined JSE coin lifetime. You can see a huge difference compared with mined lifetime and balance because I make it a point to do the bounty and refer people whenever I can. Please kindly do the same.

How To Auto mine?
Click on Settings to set up auto mining. Make sure inside settings, turn on the following: Turn on Auto Login, turn on Auto mine, and turn on Remember Username. Also if you start on your computer with an internet, turn on Auto Launch, that will make life easier with the JSE coin desktop app.

Click on Mine to start mining and set it up to be 9 instead of 3 full blast and start accumulating JSE coin in the comfort of your computer.

Take a look at that Hashes per second I never reached that high using chrome, it’s much better to mine using the JSE coin desktop app for windows.

Just seeing what’s inside my Wallet, there’s an email address of another JSE coin user or miner then the amount you need to transfer and put in some reference notes so you’ll remember where your JSE coin goes to.

So it will still automine in the background while you use your computer on other things.

So it’s version 0.5.5 at the time of this video recording, you might want to check out if there’s still the latest version than this.

To always daily automine, click on PIn this program to taskbar. That’s it folks. See you for another JSE coin tutorial.

My name is Weblord William Nabaza of www dot Nabaza dot com and www dot NameHost dot us.