What will create demand on exchange for the JSE Token?

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What will create demand on exchange for the JSE Token?
By: William R. Nabaza
www dot Nabaza dot com
www dot NameHost dot us

Currently we have six I call it six obvious factors that will create the demand for the JSE token.
What are they? They are the following:

Number 1. Website Owners – who are mining JSE coin through the user of their website. They are currently “hudl” – holding on to their JSE coin tokens.

Number 2. Brand Advertisers – who will fund ad campaigns by means of their own money.

Number 3. Clients using JSE tokens for enterprise solutions – they found JSE coins as valuable as money itself so they use it for their enterprise solutions.

Number 4. Exchange Trading – These exchanges like My Etherium Wallet who can adopt to customized token and are willing to take JSE tokens in.

Number 5. Consumers already paying for merchang products and services using JSE coin. – These are consumers who are clients of website owners who are selling on their websites and requiring JSE coin as payment.

Number 6. Platform Miners – who don’t have a website of their own but they can do browser mining 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through browser, windows app, and android app.

Like the website owners, they are currently HUDL as well.

In review, what will create demand on exchange for the JSE Token?

Website Owners
Brand Advertisers will fund ad campaigns
Clients using JSE tokens for enterprise solutions
Exchange Trading
Platform Miners
and consumers already paying for merchant products and services

Answers are based here:

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How To Use Desktop Application of JSECOIN?

Navigate to JSE coin Downloads by typing www dot jsecoin dot com slash EN slash downloads and press Enter
When you’re there, click on Download and save the file on your computer. The file is about 103 mb in size.
The filename is JSEcoinDesktopLatest.exe, then click on Save File

Install it on your computer. The latest that I have downloaded is version 0.5.5 the page is not updated.

Advantages of this windows app are:

– automatic mining
just double click the app and you are mining

– faster mining
i have reached like 12,000+ hashes per second using this app than before I got like 3000 using it on chrome.

– Simpler
not too many buttons to click, just set up and forget

– Doesn’t crash
for now it didn’t crashed my computer and I can still work while it mines in the background.

This is how it looks like in the JSE coin app desktop version in Windows 7. You have to provide for the first access, your JSE coin credentials such as your email and password then you may login. You can still register if you don’t have an account.

Accomplish the google recaptcha for security purposes and login inside.

It will be the same with the look and feel of the browser version it shows you your balance, earnings today and mined JSE coin lifetime. You can see a huge difference compared with mined lifetime and balance because I make it a point to do the bounty and refer people whenever I can. Please kindly do the same.

How To Auto mine?
Click on Settings to set up auto mining. Make sure inside settings, turn on the following: Turn on Auto Login, turn on Auto mine, and turn on Remember Username. Also if you start on your computer with an internet, turn on Auto Launch, that will make life easier with the JSE coin desktop app.

Click on Mine to start mining and set it up to be 9 instead of 3 full blast and start accumulating JSE coin in the comfort of your computer.

Take a look at that Hashes per second I never reached that high using chrome, it’s much better to mine using the JSE coin desktop app for windows.

Just seeing what’s inside my Wallet, there’s an email address of another JSE coin user or miner then the amount you need to transfer and put in some reference notes so you’ll remember where your JSE coin goes to.

So it will still automine in the background while you use your computer on other things.

So it’s version 0.5.5 at the time of this video recording, you might want to check out if there’s still the latest version than this.

To always daily automine, click on PIn this program to taskbar. That’s it folks. See you for another JSE coin tutorial.

My name is Weblord William Nabaza of www dot Nabaza dot com and www dot NameHost dot us.

Do I Need SSL for my Web Site?

Valid SSL Certificate is a must if:

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4. Your site has any other type of transmitting client’s data over the Internet

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How To: Add & See Your JSE Tokens in myEtherWallet?

1. Create a new wallet in myetherwallet.com if you don’t have any

2. Click on view wallet info on the top right menu

3. Put your private key {for your eyes only, don’t share private key}

4. Click on Unlock {unlock button will appear on placing the right private key on it}

5. On the right side click on add custom token

6. Take note of this information on this page JSE ICO Tokens

In your ERC20 Wallet or myetherwallet.com
Add a custom token.


7. Provide the token address, token symbol and decimals according to JSE ICO Tokens page load jse now you can’t see it, you will after the ICO is completed.

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Video Tutorial:

How To: Add & See Your JSE Tokens in myEtherWallet?

Official JSECOIN

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