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Are you ready for 2021? Yes I am ready. To welcome it, I’ve researched 21 ways to get SEO backlinks this coming year. I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to download two free Android app at the end of this article. Consider it my CHRISTmas gift to all of you.

Let’s define what a backlink is, a backlink is a link placed on another website to reference another website. Google loves these backlinks that are guides for their spiders to find a web site and make their crawling activities easier for them. SEO requires hard work manually and you get those backlinks by requesting them literally from the website owner or webmaster, and even without doing it, you almost know what their reply will be that will discourage you from doing it. But to help out the people to get more backlinks, I have compiled what I am doing to gain them for free without an email to the webmaster or owners.

  1. Write Articles.

It’s the oldest and most ancient way to get backlinks to your website. Write great articles on your blog and make sure you submit them to article directories who will in turn distribute them for you automatically, making your link intact with every articles that will be rebranded from their website. Google will always live for your content and secondly for backlinks coming from websites linking back to your website because of good content.

  1. Write Guest Blog Articles.

There are lots of high domain authority and high page ranking websites out there that want people submission to get more content. Usually, they require like 2,000 words per article and if you know one of their topics, you might as well try submitting it to them according to the strict guideline they highlighted on their website. It’s a win-win situation since they want content and you want backlinks.

  1. FFA Is One Of The Best.

FFA means Free For All Links unbelievable but true there are remaining websites like that on the internet. You just go and submit to their websites for free and will not even require your email address. But it’s kinda competitive nowadays because given a minute and your link will be knocked down from the list.

  1. Post Classified Ads.

Classified ads accept free and paid ads on their website and they allow you to include links and images as well. Take advantage of it and some will put your ads for 90 days even for free.

  1. Post Press Release And Distribute To 100+ High 20+ to 90+ Domain Authority And Page Authority Sites.

Study how to write a press release yourself and write them yourself. After writing makes sure to run a spelling and grammar checker on it and run a plagiarism checker to check for its uniqueness. Post them to news wire websites, it will be great if you have various news account on various news wire websites.

  1. Post Your Links On Your Social Profiles.

Post them where there are fields or specific space for them, and make sure you don’t spam the links. Usually, they define spam as lenient as possible as not containing any links from your updated posts.

  1. Create Blogs On High Ranking Sites.

For example, can help you build a website that resembles a blog and you can blog your articles with links on it and it’s considered a whole website.

  1. Post On Forums.

Forums are still here before that they were called BBS (Bulletin Board System) and now they accommodate members from all over the world. Make sure to post your ad in relevant sections when you decide to do your forum marketing. Make use of forum signatures, forum avatar profile pics, and forum introduction to making use of displaying your links according to their rules. Participate as well by posting helpful content not taken from someone else’s website.

  1. Post/Vote on Software Voting Site.

Make sure to post on the Software Voting Site where the topic interests you and from time to time you can vote your post to be on top sort of bumping them to the top to be seen more than others. Your link can be posted on your profile.

  1. Post/vote On Software Commenting Sites.

Do you like software? Then post or vote on software commenting websites and share your real, authentic experience with that specific software. Your link can be posted on your profile.

  1. Post Comments Manually On Blog Sites.

Don’t go over their rules and post it with intelligent posts done manually as opposed to posting it automatically using software, yeah it takes time but this is where your time investments start.

  1. Post On Socials One Post A Day.

One post is enough per day just a sort of an announcement or a heads up of what website you’re in right now or much better write an article like I know a couple of social sites that is allowing you to promote your merchandise.

  1. Create Products On Art Product Site.

If you have some artistic abilities to create an original design. Do you know that not only links are allowed on the product sites but a whole website is?

  1. Create A Url Shortener Site And Post Your Links On Top Bar.

There are lots of URL shortener open-source scripts that allow you to own your URL shortener website and of course, your members will always post on high ranking websites. Just make sure to clean it all up with illegal websites from time to time.

  1. Create Your Blog And Host It.

Both and Blogspot are great for holding the contents of your blog with links as well. Make sure to not just create it empty but update it from time to time.

  1. Create Your Own Forum And Host It.

The great thing about this is your forum with or without members are using your domain or subdomain, Google will also crawl and index it.

  1. Create An Affiliate Program.

An affiliate program is an earning scheme where you distribute a customized link where it contains the username of your members and allows them to share it everywhere permissible and get your backlinks from them. You’re not paying for the links but you only pay per sale to them a certain percentage you set from the start.

  1. Give Away SEO Audit Report With Your Links On It.

Preferably do it on a .PDF since Google also crawls these types of files and indexes it. Make sure to do it manually for the report and there tons of websites offering these for free. Make sure your links are on it.

  1. Upload HTML Files On Various Upload/Download Sites.

Google also indexes these types of sites and mostly all of their files uploaded to them. Make sure your links are on that .html files.

  1. Create Subdomains For Each Product And Services You Carry.

Believe it or not, Google accepts subdomains to be listed and indexed. Like for me as an example, I have like 130+ subdomains, and only like 60+ of them are listed and indexed on Google, and it helps my main domain gets it’s high ranking on Google. Make sure to submit a sitemap.xml with every subdomain and optimize them individually on Google Webmaster Console. Take a look at what Google is doing, it has a subdomain for every service it offers and it’s all for free.

  1. Create A Free Web Hosting Site.

Give away a free web hosting account so that every free member will carry your subdomain with your ads on it and promote them as well, giving you a lot of backlinks just for giving away a free hosting account. You can also make money with it by charging those who wanted to remove ads on their pages.

For all the things you will do on top of yourself, make sure to not buy links on other sites. This will trigger Google’s spam detection software, Google will unlist you all at once or much worst ban your domain from their index. But you can sure hire someone to do it for you but of course, it’s not cheap for all the manual work your website will garner and a team of SEO professionals must do it for you.

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