How Does Tawk To Make Money As A Business? by William Nabaza of

What exactly does this chat panel software do, you ask? This chat panel software is a messaging app to help turn interactions into lasting relationships. This chat panel software is the most widely used live chat app on the planet and allows you to be there when your customer needs you most by monitoring your visits and engaging with your customers up to 24/7. And, if you can’t be there, this chat panel software provides support with their team of experienced Hired Agents for as little as $1 per hour. They also offer dedicated Virtual Assistants to assist you with those repetitive, mundane tasks, allowing you to focus your energy on your business, rather than in your business; saving you time and money.

I’m a current partner of Tawkto for business applications and I would like to explain the model of their business is pure of the internet principle. Give something for free, people will always return to your website and offer premium services the very reason that the Internet goes to live on.

I will give to you several ways how they make money with their free live chat app and they are the following:

  1. Dedicated Virtual Assistants.

They are accepting outsourced work from anyone who is just startups on the online way of doing business. Every repetitive and routine activity your company requests to finish can be delegated to their dedicated virtual assistants.

  1. Cheapest Hired Live Agents.

Only Tawkto has the cheapest Hired Agents that will support and speak on your behalf 24/7 giving them a set of questions and answers and they will gladly do this for only U.S.$1/hour, no holidays, no rest day even. The best choice still is human chat versus robotic (A.I.) artificial intelligence chatbots.

  1. Video + Voice + Screensharing Add-on.

You can augment the efficiency of your customer chat by adding your real live voice to every support session, video plus on top of that, you can start sharing your screen with them, sort of like monkey-see, monkey-do. There’s no monkey business here.

  1. Corporate Branding

You can now brand your live chat with your logo and display your logo whenever and wherever your website is being visited.

The above-mentioned products and services are entirely legit and what every business man needed on the internet. We’re in good hands since Tawkto is in a good strategic position. The free live chat is forever, fully-featured open-source or free. Don’t underestimate the power of free, that’s the internet, that’s business. This is a good, strong model they are in right now, and I’m asking you to partner with them as well by placing a small code on your website and start chatting with your visitors and engaging them to realize a sale. When you use their chat panel on their website you are also positioning your business online forever online.

Here’s my invitation to you:


We wanted to share some news with you today – we’ve been approved for this chat panel software Partner Program! If you’ve never heard of this chat panel software, it’s a live chat app used by over 3.2 million business users over the world. We have used it and can vouch for its efficacy.

Our business was built to evolve, and we are always on the lookout for authentic, innovative ways to grow. With over 1.5 billion other websites out there, we are grateful when someone chooses to land on our patch of the internet, and realize the importance of making each interaction count. This chat panel software has been instrumental in helping us to achieve this.

What exactly does this chat panel software do, you ask? This chat panel software is a messaging app to help turn interactions into lasting relationships. This chat panel software is the most widely used live chat app on the planet and allows you to be there when your customer needs you most by monitoring your visits and engaging with your customers up to 24/7. And, if you can’t be there, this chat panel software provides support with their team of experienced Hired Agents for as little as $1 per hour. They also offer dedicated Virtual Assistants to assist you with those repetitive, mundane tasks, allowing you to focus your energy on your business, rather than in your business; saving you time and money.

Yet what we love most about this chat panel software is their ethos – they offer their software for free because they want to help businesses of all sizes engage with their customers. In a crowded online world, and with 73% of consumers determining brand loyalties based on good customer experience, the connection is increasingly important.

Our business is also built on customer satisfaction, and it is for this reason we are so excited to partner with a business that truly believes in driving growth through connection.


To our success,
William Nabaza
weblord of nabaza com network

A summary all-in-all you will have the following features and advantages for your company:

  • It will have live chat forever.
  • Ticketing
  • Knowledge base
  • Chat pages
  • Team chat
  • More to come

These are the things you will get for free.
Once you’re inside avail of the commercial services they offer.

Get an account and it supports unlimited websites.

How Can Classified Ads Help Boost Online Sales? by William Nabaza of

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I still use classified ads since 1995 working on the internet to boost my online sales and they still work today.

Here are five major reasons why classified ads can boost your online sales and you will earn money while sleeping or not.

For those who are still in doubt, this will clear all that doubts and start you from a life-long career of posting ads wherever they are permitted and they are the classified ads.

Here are Seven Major reasons why classified ads can boost your online sales today.

  1. They Are Free.

Don’t underestimate the power of free since the money you can be spending online you can spend on physical pleasures for yourself and your family.

  1. They Are World Wide.

Classified ads are open to everyone, everybody from all walks of life, from every culture and on the world wide web.

  1. They Will Not Call Your Links Spam.

They are there for a reason to accept your web address links and images for free. This will give you an extra edge in SEO capability and SEO functionalities.

  1. They Allow Links Or Web Address.

Long before the social medias have been treated for SEO linkages/backlinks, there are already existing classified ads on the internet. They are slowly dying but little did people know they are a great source for backlinks. Since majority of them are listed on the search engines then anyone can boost their backlinks quantity and quality using classified ads.

  1. They Allow Images.

The search engines are also indexing images if you still don’t know and when clicked will lead to your website. Don’t forget images, graphics and pictures plays huge role in seo as well.

  1. They Get Listed On Search Engines The Fastest.

Since sometimes the search engines qualifies a website for a listing, if some websites have already linked back to them making that website sort of an influencer and a guide for some people on the internet. The search engines will treat them as some kind of a reference for people helping them out on the internet so your website will be treated with respect and will be deemed appropriate for an index or listing on the major search engines.

  1. They Get You More Eyeballs On Your Products And Services Since People Are Already Searching For Something When They Come To Classified Ads.

If your products, websites or services are listed then chances are you are seen for them and you will get first to being hired or ending up with a sale or two since are already listed on them.

Let me start you on that career of ad posting with these classified ads and do them daily. I have one classified ad site below where you can list your 1 ad with a click to 1,100 classified ads website, try to discover them for yourself as a bonus. – paid service

Fortnite Players: Advantages Of Playing Fortnite by: William Nabaza of

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I don’t own any copyrights or am not affiliated with FORTNITE (TM) in any way, shape or form. I’m just an avid fun and learner of this Epic (TM) Game so treat it that way. If you ended up as a FORTNITE (TM) player after reading this blog, it’s not my fault, Ok?

  1. It Teaches You To Adapt

In real life, there’s routines and monotonous activities but in Fortnite you become a new person for you will not know where it will drop you, what you will get, what other players are getting nearby you. The game teaches you to adapt to use things and stuff you own right now to be on top of the situation instead of the other fortnite player.

  1. It Teaches You Learning And Preparation

Fortnite players for the most time start with nothing in life in the game, the skill to spot things hiding or camouflaging within your surrounding and if you can do this in lightning-flash time then you are already ahead of the fortnite game. You learn and learn to prepare for the worst, learning from your past mistakes is the key here in fortnite. You prepare your stuff, you practice with it on how to use it and you will improve as you play fortnite for example, like an hour a day and don’t be so indulged with it. You still have schedules to keep up with in the real life. Remember this is a only a game and it trains you in life. The harder you train, learn and prepare makes you more closer in the victory royale.

  1. It Teaches You Teamwork

I remember the days when I worked before on a call center as an agent and we have a team leader that wants us to learn teamwork, well you can’t learn it in real life if you are in a hurry, in life, it takes time but in fortnite, it’s easier every event in life are like fast-forward when you go to fortnite. You opt to play as part of a team and not as solo, you learn in a team. Everything you need to setup against those alien hordes are provided in a team. You learn in time cooperation with everyone in the team and team communication. Remember in real life teams, communication is the key, that’s why you need to attend those meetings and meetings are a must before and after you start.

  1. It Teaches You Patience

In Fortnite, it’s like real life, you don’t just fight with anyone or go to battle, you prepare, you build first, building strength, stuff, trainings and everything you need to build upon, yeah relationships when you’re in a team, come handy always even in Fortnite. You observe people how they fight, you learn and progress through time.

  1. It Teaches you Resilience

Each fortnite game brings you pleasure, pressure, emotions, cautions, winning and losing. It builds up your resilience from the heart to your mind. Remember the chorus of the song Chumbawamba that goes like this: “I get knocked down, I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down” is a great theme song of every Fortnite players worldwide. You lose a lot more until you get the game under control. You are entertained but deep inside you are training for resiliency and it’s the secret when you play a game like Fortnite.

  1. It Teaches You Strategic Thinking

One business I’ve known lasted 30 years because the owner has foresight and is a strategic thinker just like me. Why stress it out when you can work smart? Let your skills, money, someone, talent work for you, then your time at the last work for you finally, but don’t work for yourself. Strategic thinking will always lead to smart and wise decisions. In the end, you arose as a winner, it’s just like playing fortnite at night. I advise that every business men in the world be a fortnite player just like me.

  1. It Teaches You The Role Of Luck

As you can see, I don’t believe in luck and later on learned that my name is bad luck indeed because it consists of 13 letters: full name and last name. That’s why I don’t go to casinos, I’ll lose my monies to the establishment in a day. Fortnite is just like that, 99% luck, 1% skills but indeed true, every Fortnite players knows that. Luck is not an excuse or alibi for not practising though, one famous sporting quote says: “The more I practice, the luckier I get”. It still needs a lot of practise, learning, re-learning, preparation, planning and thinking.

  1. It Optimizes And Release Positive Thoughts For You.

When you can shoot someone in the face with no intention of evil just by playing a game, it releases positive toxins from you and makes you more relax since you can’t do that in real life only in fortnite. You can call that someone as stress or anxiety.

  1. It Improves Your Vision And Focus.

For example you happen to sit on top of a mountain covered by trees and you see someone that looks like a head and it’s moving then you can shoot at that, improves your focus and vision when you do that always. You can’t do that in real life of course, only in fortnite.

  1. It Improves Your Reaction Time

Real life requires quick reaction time thinking for it aids you in producing positive results when you act fast in situations. Fortnite teaches you that skill when you have an enemies all your states are in enhanced version, you need to kill enemies in fortnite and your reaction improves because there are bots playing too in fortnite.

Avoiding Downtimes To Increase Web Sales By: William R. Nabaza of

Free Domain Uptime Monitor

What can avoid the innevitable? Almost daily disaster happens when the obvious downtimes happen to your website. How has it escaped your attention? Once your website is down, it gives way for your competitors to get sales from your prospects.

Downtimes are opportunities in itself if you think of it that way. Is there an effective tool to let you act quickly to minimize the length of downtimes?

The ultimate answer is Domain Uptime Monitor Tool which offers free and paid website monitoring service. It sends you a text to your cellphone and emails you when your site is down. It lets you act quickly when your server actions are needed at the crucial time. It uses several servers strategically located to monitor several elements in your web presence. It monitors your web, email, and ftp ports

Do anyone of us working on the internet have an idea how long his/her website is down? Domain Uptime Monitor Tool solves that problem for both business web site and webmasters

Importance of uptime are the ffg.

  1. Email – downtime of your business email poses a risk to not “hear” again from your clients and/or prospects. It is important for the uptime of
    your email allowing you to get more sales.
  2. Ftp – file transfer protocol is the process of uploading a file to a server. Downtime of this protocol will not allow you to update your files on your
    website. It is important for the uptime of ftp to update your web audiences as well.
  3. Smtp – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – is an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The downtime of SMTP avoids you from sending that important business email you’ve been wanting to send. It is important for the uptime of this protocol to allow you to send an e-mail or a business newsletter.
  4. SSH – Secure Shell – a common network protocol for remote administration of Unix computers. It is important for the uptime of this protocol to allow you to transfer file or install web software remotely to your server. The downtime of this protocol will mean server disaster for you and your online company.
  5. HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol – used commonly by your web audience to access your website on the internet. The uptime of HTTP is very important since this spells your web presence on the internet. The downtime is almost telling the whole world that your company no longer exist.
  6. MySql – this is your open source database. The uptime of mysql is very important since you’ll be able to offer the world your database of products and services. The downtime will mean empty webpages.
  7. IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol – one of the most prevalent internet standards protocol for e-mail retrieval. The downtime will mean you and your employee won’t be able to access that important business email allowing you to send invoices or get orders online. Majority of the sms (short
    message service) that allows a server to send you a text via your cellphone will also be down so it’s wise to not host sms notification when your server is down locally but remotely using Domain Uptime Monitor Tool huge facilities. The uptime will give you more sales since you won’t miss that email and sms notification anymore.
  8. HTTPS – Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol – allows your membership website to encrypt safely your member’s
    crucial information or allows your website to sell securely online. The downtime will almost mean disaster and loss of trust from your customers
    and prospects. The uptime is very important since it makes your website secure.

As low as U.S.$150.00 per sale –

75% 1-time referral commission when you join in –
for people requesting a work-at-home domain, hosting and script of it, fully functional website monitoring tool of your own

Advantages Of Walmart Gift Cards by William R. Nabaza of

  1. Attract New Customers

Shops usually crave for more buying and shopping customers and the walmart gift cards offer these solutions to them since they have price tag on it and most likely to be spent in a couple of days because of deadlines.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

The Walmart gift cards are just like credit cards or paper money but it offers more the logo of Walmart stores. It always reminds the customer to shop around for their wants and needs.

  1. Improve Sales By Selling And Accepting Gift Cards

Walmart accepts credits cards and what’s more is Walmart accepts their own Walmart gift cards from consumers.

  1. Reduce Fraud

The Walmart Gift cards can be personalized because you can write your own name on it and therefore if stolen from you the thief will have to show valid identification cards to claim ownership of the Walmart gift card which is impossible to produce.

  1. Gift Giving

CHRISTmas is still far away but it encourages gift giving since you have this Walmart gift cards, spend it on your own or do it as a gift while you are with the individual as well.

  1. Good Cause

The company wants to share good cause so that it will be returned kindly to the store in many good returns.

  1. Encourages Buying More

The shop loves people to shop around and also loves the shoppers and these Walmart gift cards has deadline on it so the person carrying it will be prompted to shop more and shop earlier. Usually it will be overcharged because people loves to shop more and it started the shopping habit again for them, so they will usually spend more than that of the U.S.$1,000 price tag.

  1. Buyers Will Not Overspend

As for the frugal buyer, they will monitor the price and will likely spend less than the price tag of their Walmart gift card so the remaining cash value remains on the store.

  1. Everybody Wants One

Of course, who would not want one Walmart gift card especially priced at U.S.$1,000 spending value?

  1. They Are Safe and Convenient

The Walmart Gift Card carries expiry date and the name of the person who will benefit from it so the shop knows the person in advance and the person carrying the Walmart gift card will not forget the deadline on the gift card.

I know where to get one U.S.$1,000 Walmart Gift Card. It’s in the following websites:

**Special Offers**

U.S.$1,000 Walmart Gift Card

Walmart Gift Cards

What is 9Hits? by William R. Nabaza of

9Hits is Traffic Generation that is autosurf provides you proxies and a software that you can use on Windows and Linux Desktop. I’m a big fan because the admin is very good and generous admin because he always give me gifts on my birthday. Aside from that I have already referred

What’s The Referral Scheme and How much you Earn?

  • Get 10% commission points from your referrals
  • Get 25% commission cash from any purchase of your referrals

Here’s My Referral, Earning Stats and Payout:

Not so much because I never promoted it intentionally. I just placed one of it’s 468×60 banner on my advertising network sites for banners and it gave me referrals.

My Status with 9Hits:
I am now Premium member: Premium (2019-11-03 14:13:54) because the admin is so good and generous, he just want to give gifts to his active members.

Supported Features:

Customize duration
GEO-targeting traffic
Hourly limit randomly
Popups allowed
Customize frequency capping
Customize user agents

Customize traffic source (referrer)
Statistic in real-time
Interactive by macro
Stable and safe viewer application
Proxies supported
Multiple sessions supported

How It Works?


Only with a valid email, an easy-to-remember username name and password, you can create an account at 9Hits easily, quickly and thoroughly free. Just start to fill your information here!


After signing up, log in to 9Hits Panel, then add and configure your campaign, you can add one or more websites, and there are a lot of exciting options that are waiting for you to explore here.


Download the 9Hits Viewer software and follow the instructions to start. By running the viewer, you will view websites of the other members, with each of your views, you will earn some points into your account.


9Hits will automatically use your points to deliver hits to the websites that you have added. You can relax now and leave 9Hits works as well as you can change your campaign settings at any time.

Here’s my latest and current promotions going on right now in real-time.

Here’s My Offer:
Sign up under me and I’ll give you 100,000 advertising credits on another advertising platform. Just send me a private message, I may need to open an account for you and login with your login credentials to give you the 100k ad credits.


How To Increase Your Blog Readership? by William Nabaza of

Do you want to blog for the rest of your life? I think this is much easier rather than creating endless youtube videos. If you can answer yes to that question, then allow me now to show you easy steps on how to increase your blog readership.

  1. Write original blog articles not copy/paste articles. Make sure to run grammarly which offers plagiarism checker for a paid version and also copy leaks and copyscape.
  2. Write controversial articles or blogs. Don’t be afraid mentioning huge brand names but make sure you have experiences in what you way towards them for a real experience of you readership.
  3. Offer link exchange with other blog of same category. Link exchanges are free for sure if you write awesome articles and blogs, you get offered from time to time to do link exchanges with them.
  4. Write for guest blog articles. Some blogs offer free guest writing articles or guest bloggers, make sure you search this on google and take advantage of it. Always mention your name or name of your blog when you write, you have priveleges either in the title or on the footer info, if they offer both, then make use of both.
  5. Write for huge companies out there, make sure it’s a valid review not an incentivized review. It’s good that you have proper experience with them or you own one so the review will be based on user’s experience which huge brands will appreciate and even without your knowledge they will usually link back to your blog.
  6. Offer free content to other websites by writing specific or customized articles for their website even for free but you have to link to your blog.
  7. Offer free featured content like for example free ebook or 1 year magazine subscription from time to time.

For that matter, I can offer you free 1-year magazine subscriptions or ebooks from time to time just link to it and feature it on your next blog post.

WordPress versus Bloggger/Blogspot by William Nabaza of

I have started with blogging with Blogspot way back 1995 being Blogspot as my very first blog. I remember using it’s subdomain promoting it as my own as I learn how to blog and still until today I’m learning how.

Then comes the time that I need to change themes and I found out by experience that wordpress has lots of free themes and it’s easier to snatch one and make it your own customized one leaving no trace for the first template/theme creator if you know what I mean.

Now let’s compare them and I’ll mention WordPress first since it’s my favorite and then Blogspot/Blogger.

  1. Both can use your own existing domain name or subdomain. For wordpress, simply host it on your own server or pay them to set it up for you remotely hosted. Blogspot can make use of your CNAME and A for domain names and just the A service of your DNS (Domain Name System) for subdomain.

This is very important for branding your own business online. You have to promote your own domain name and not another’s.

  1. WordPress offers lots of free themes in exchange of a backlink. Blogspot offers just a few and you go for the paid ones.
  2. WordPress offers free hosting using their .org extension while you can use Blogspot or use the A services for your subdomain.
  3. WordPress offers lots of free and paid plugins. Blogspot offers widgets since Blogspot is already alright with SEO since it’s owned by Google and Google loves it’s own. Blogspot also offers tough security so it’s never a problem with Blogspot.
  4. WordPress can easily be moved from one hosting to another and it also imports or exports it’s blog contents. Blogspot offers a little challenge when you do this, to come up with a solution always backup your blogs in a form of posts/articles.
  5. Both offers excellent SEO (search engine optimized) ability of your blogs. WordPress can make use of seo plugins, while Blogspot is already built-in since it will be prioritized by Google since Google owns it for those who don’t know it.
  6. WordPress offers flexible removal of it’s programmer’s copyrights below or on the left side. Blogspot changes it’s policies about this but for now you can’t remove it but only add to it.
  7. WordPress offers not too strong security for blogs but with the little help from Wordfence you can get along. Blogspot has very tough security like it’s mother company Google.

It’s time to be hosted with WordPress try this for size

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What Is The Advantage Of Herculist Over Aweber, Getresponse and TrafficWave? by William Nabaza of

Let’s face it you got a lot of email leads to start from. Now the problem is how to email them all? Usually these big mailing list autoresponders that I’ve mentioned got a free advertisement from me. These only offer mailing list capabilities like a way to send but it does not offer any email leads. They allow import but on a condition that your email imports will verify their imports meaning they have to click on a link to be finally subscribed or imported to your mailing lists, but if they don’t you can’t add them at all or email them at all.

I got a solution for you out there, presenting Herculist, a safelist, mailer, and instant newsletter in one of 89,000++ subscribers of business opportunity hungry people.

These are the advantages of Herculist over those expensive mailing list manager and they are the following:

  1. You can send in html colored emails of various font and font sizes. You can amaze your audience by sending in full-color and html capabilities.
  2. You already have a built-in and keeps on growing subscribers of 89,000++ people on it. This is not a small thing if you have audience already to send to. It’s very difficult to built the subscriber base of a newsletter not even mentioning how to build your own newsletter as well.
  3. It comes with a business, you get Herculist Gold Lifetime Plus and you get a lifetime business of referring people and earning 50% of the affiliate share.
  4. It comes with a one-time lifetime Gold price. This is where the rubbers meets the road since you don’t have to pay monthly fees, you don’t have to worry where to get finances to.
  5. You send to your own newsletter for free on a daily basis. I’ve seen others, you are an upgraded member and yet you get to send every 3 or 2 days, but in this imagine that you get to send everyday to it.
  6. You don’t have to click on credits, just send to it on a daily basis. You may need credits to advertise on hercublurb. But to send out a daily emails to all 89,000++ people, you don’t need any. Just send your solo ad to it on a daily basis and then logout. The email is fast enough to send in real-time to that huge amount of people while you sleep again.
  7. You go on vacation. Other types of membership need to click again and again until they get like 2,000 credits to send out to 1,000 people but it takes time. Yes they have to read lots of emails before sending their own solo ad. While on all of these commotion, you don’t receive any emails at all, you don’t need to read any email at all but if you still want to read just read it inside herculist and get extra credits. But you go on vacation for life, without receiving any emails at all making you email promotion a lazy way but earning like a hard working pro. Work smarter not harder this time.

Yes there are still way lot of advantages and benefits that are worth mentioning like 50% commission when you refer upgraded people, daily email marketing and promotion, prioritized listing on HercuBlurb with 40 visitors guaranteed, and bold full-color, giant listing of email and hercublurb ads

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