How To Turn Visitors Into Paying Clients?

Jivochat - Turn Visitors Into Clients

Why do visitors just come and go in your website, clicking nothing and worst of all buying nothing from your website? To them your website is just another webpage that’s dead and no interactivity at all. When I was doing a research about this and came to a page called Jivochat, I was amazed that someone dressed in human form greeted me in a friendly manner and seeking to help me out. In my amazement and curiosity, I replied back in a friendly and courteous manner too. So I became interested to click it, even registered for one account and even applied as an affiliate partner. Now to answer my question, how can one website owner turn their visitors into paying customers or clients? Simple. Interact with them. Greet them and offer your help to them.

Jivochat - Turn Visitors Into Clients
Jivochat – Turn Visitors Into Clients

In the simplicity and power of Jivochat, all three goals can be met and much, much more than you can imagine. In the first place, why do we use google or most of us come and search the web? It’s because we are needing help on that particular topic and if we find a webpage with a lot of information, all we take with us is information overload. Now we need a human to nudge, guide and help us with the specific information we want.

Now comes Jivochat with all it’s human and powerful features:

– Greet features with hospitality and service with a smile – people need a friendly face to greet them, tell them what they came for, helping them out. Jivochat offers your visitors a friendly face, hospitable greeting and a guide to make a sale for the day. Jivochat offers you the ability to automatically greet your customers as you are dressed professionally with your favorite photo upfront representing the website and offering them customized help in all their needs.

– Chat features – people when they come, they really come in groups of 5, now if your people relation software don’t meet these demands and are not able to chat with them at the same time, then you’re done. People will just leave with a sad face, browsing another website and it will only take a minute. People invested on time to research and they will be gone from your website in a minute and you got 1 lost customer again. What if you can reach to them, greet them, befriend them and offer them your help. Chat with them for minutes or even for hours going a mile with them until they are fully satisfied and given them what they really need. Jivochat offers you the ability to chat with your customers like they just there by your side.

– Perfectly designed. – People will not click an ugly chat or someone that you need to authenticate first your domain, give you a 2fa login, something that will confuse the customer and just allow them to leave without doing anything for your website. When they see a perfectly designed popping chat, then they are guaranteed to reply. Jivochat offers no red tapes, no fall in line chats, no waiting time, when your visitors come into your website a maximum of 15 seconds is needed and you need within that second to greet them, and Jivochat will do it for you within that time frame because internet business is as fast as lightning.

– Works on any device – Be it web-based, desktop or even on mobiles, you can chat with your customers and be readily available for them virtually for 24 hours. Jivochat offers cross-platform chat on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and on the web.

– 20 Languages Translation – This chat app is automatically translated into 20 languages so when you speak English and your visitor is Spanish-speaker, it will automatically translate it to their native language. Jivochat offers you the ability to chat in 20 languages without the need to learn a new language of your own.

– Proactive invitations – When a visitor drops by at your website, Jivochat will automatically popup within 10 seconds with your customized greeting that you can change and customize to your liking but I prefer sticking with the proposed greeting not unless you have a new product/service going on in your website.

– Customer Care Support is No. 1 – Jivochat will turn your website team into Customer Care Superstars or turn them all into Consultants. They will face and interact with customers in a personal way displaying their photos, working with them, guiding and caring for them.

– Concurrent Chats – Jivochat offers you the ability to chat with your customers in an unlimited way so therefore not limiting your sales for that day.

Concurrent Chat - Unlimited Chat
Concurrent Chat – Unlimited Chat

– Mobile Enhanced – Jivochat offers you the ability to chat with your mobile clients as well. For the chat codes only need to be placed in your website once and the settings you take care of it on the admin panel and it’s automatically reflected on all your websites. Jivochat offers you the ability to set once and forget.

– White Label – Jivochat offers you the ability to turn off the logo so that your chat applet will look like it’s your own.

– Know your visitors – Jivochat offers you the ability to know all your visitors with the social network profiles, their emails, their phone numbers that is if they give it to you and Jivochat offers you the ability to mark them down so everytime they visit your website your visitors information can be accessed at the right hand panel of your chat applet.

Know your visitors
Know your visitors

– Customer Support Goal/Objective Oriented – Jivochat will daily rate your customer support agents from a scale of 1 to 5 and will give you a report via a daily email so that you will know your customer support that needs a raise or promotion based on their performance. With Jivochat’s chat logs and daily email reports, customer support managers will get the chat logs, the performance rating of each agent, and giving pleasure to control freaks because it’s easy to read all conversations between agents and customers.

Report of good performance
Report of good performance

– Phone Call Feature – What if your visitors before he buys from you needs to hear your voice. Jivochat offers you the ability to call back your visitors by displaying a phone icon on your chat applet that allows your visitors to click on them and receive a call from you within seconds, or you can buy a phone number and allow your visitors to call it as a regular phone number just to hear your voice.

Phone Call Back Features
Phone Call Back Features

Now, if we are on the same channel, I invite you now to turn your website visitors into paying clients. Upgrading to professional license at Jivochat will automatically pay for itself. You can also join our affiliate program and sign up into promoting the best chat applet and trouble ticket software rolled into one. I can even help set up your Jivochat  on your website. Join in the 14-day professional license trial and see for yourself, don’t just take my word for it. This a too good to be true offer but unless you see and test it for yourself, you won’t enjoy the benefits, features and advantages of Jivochat  over all the chat applets out there.

Come let’s jivosite your website.