Incentive Wall

Incentive Wall:

Paid To Click Wall – Just click on ads and see the specified Nabaza Points that are available and go for it for 10 seconds or less. Viewing our ads will let you earn Nabaza Points that can be exchanged for bitcoins or real money.

Paid To Click, Paid for to Do, and Paid To Shop – I’m planning to add more. You are already doing it online viewing ads, browsing websites, even shopping online but are you getting paid in doing it? How about getting paid for just doing the things that you are already doing online. Get into the habit of earning Nabaza Points and earning will be exchanged into bitcoin or dollars.

Paid To Survey – A lot of people I’ve observed are very obsessed with accomplishing a survey and yet they are not getting paid for it. How about getting paid for every free survey that you accomplish in 10 or 15 minutes top of your time?

Paid To Daily Surveys, Paid To Watch Videos, Paid To Use Mobile Phone and so much more – You can now while waiting for a friend, earn money on your mobile phone by clicking on Mobile on this page. You can also watch high density videos and get paid for it. All you need is a gadget and a time.

All the said incentives above are requiring you to register for free online because you need to see your Nabaza Points and we’re going to credit the one that are currently logged in for the offers. See it for yourself. Register a free account with PaidPost.Nabaza.comGet Paid To Mine Crypto-Currencies

If you have an offer wall or incentive wall, I’m open for non-exclusive partnership and let me know about it by sending me a short email to