Jivochat – Turn Your Visitors Into Paying Clients Free 14-day trial

Jivochat - Turn Visitors Into Clients

Have you ever wondered for example if you have 100 visitors a day in your website and you turn them all or convert them into paying customers while enjoying yourself? Look no further. You can by using Jivochat in your website. Just add it as a channel and copy/paste the code given before your it’s so easy to do it.

I came across Jivochat while experimenting with a lot of online real chat but all can be compared as child’s play with Jivochat. I like the following features of Jivochat like when someone enters your website, you greet them showing hospitality to them like they are stepping into your house and this time it’s your virtual house. Like in a real house, when someone visits you, a stranger for example, you’ll greet them showing your hospitality to them and you dress fine for respectability and reputation’s sake.

Here you can also do it by integrating Jivochat into your website and making them feel at home even at your virtual home on the world wide web. You can even add all your facebook pages by making it interactive by adding chat without knowing how to program or even not becoming a facebook developer. The customer support of Jivochat are friendly enough to help you integrating even at facebook even you are a free member, and they will help you for hours chatting and guiding you on how to do it.

I can chat instantly with my prospects online and sell them my products/services which is why they are there. Our prospects need to be guided and helped and while you’re doing it they are seeing your sincerity in helping them out become successful or make their live’s easier. With this chat applet by Jivochat you can now even without spending a single dime.

I have customized it with my own name, profile picture and even my own customized title: weblord to use it on all my websites, subdomains, and even on all facebook pages. I’m looking forward that they will become available in twitter, linkedin and adzbuzz communities. So we’re almost there and besides they are the best chat applet around.