The Future of Payment + Affiliate Management

Recently I’ve had a bunch of people reaching out to
me and asking “what payment platform are you using for
your checkout pages – love them!”.

I happily tell them, PayKickstart.

What they don’t realize is that the beautiful checkout
templates they provide, is only scratching the surface as
to what they can do to help power my online business.

Selling Tools like…

[+] Payment Gateway Integrations like Paypal, Stripe,, Braintree and Easy Pay Direct.

[+] Ability to sell digital products/services AND physical goods.

[+] Setup free or paid trials.

[+] Create one-time or subscription based offers.

[+] Translate your checkout pages and email notifications
in over a dozen languages.

Conversion Tools like…

[+] One Click Upsells

[+] Checkout page templates, embed forms and popup widgets.

[+] Subscription saver sequences to save failed transactions.

[+] Offer Coupon codes to incentive your customers to buy now.

[+] Order Bumps to increase the average transaction value of
each sale.

[+] Auto-Complete address & pre-populated fields.

Affiliate Tools like…

[+] Instant and delayed affiliate commissions.

[+] Regular or Lifetime commission program options.

[+] Customized Marketing materials like banners and swipes.


[+] Payment Integrations
[+] Email Integrations
[+] Membership Integrations
[+] Fulfillment Integrations
[+] Webinar Integrations
[+] Reporting Integrations
[+] Zapier Integration

I can even download their mobile app for iOS and
Android and access my entire account on the go!

…ok, ok, I think you get the point.

If this is only scratching the surface, imagine all of the
advanced functionality that is built-in with no techie
headaches to deal with.

Like I said…

You can thank me later, after you start using PayKickstart
(get started for free) and see how easy it is to run your
online business – compared to whatever outdated solution you
probably are using (believe me, I know – I’ve tried them all!).

It’s time to meet the future of PayKickstart.

Best of all – they continue adding new updates and features
based on what their customers ask for.

Do yourself a favor and checkout PayKickstart and start a
free trial – you got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

And if you are reading my blog this far, I’ve rewarded you with a Full 90-day for only U.S.$1.00.