Email Marketing For Thriving Businesses

I would like to review Moosend on this space since it helped me a lot to do my mailings and communicate with my website’s members fast and easily. In this world of affiliate marketing to thrive means you have your website and you have your auto responder mailing list management.

Email Marketing For Thriving Businesses
Email Marketing For Thriving Businesses Email Marketing For Thriving Businesses

Moosend: Email Marketing For Thriving Businesses

For your website you are prepared to do the SEO for it while using your autoresponder, you get your own homemade business leads to communicate with so that you can offer your products and services. This specific mailing list manager does the trick and handles all my communication needs.

My Experience With The Program

I was looking for free mailing list management and I happened to stumble upon this online software that is in my opinion to be the mother of all open-source mailing list management. First of all, you can use it for free up to 1,000 subscribers with unlimited sending. I grab it and even joined its affiliate program to earn as well which is ran by a third-party company.

What I Like

What I like is it’s sending a series of emails that is programmable by website automation. Its email creator and editor are like MS- Word and even better with drag and drop elements. It can import emails instantly as long as you mention where you got the emails. It’s best for affiliate marketers because once you say they are your referrals and you need to get in touch with them, they will be usually approved in seconds.

The Customer Support Team

They only live to support you. That is the superb remark I can get across to them. They are excellent since I have a unique situation where it took me overnight to set up my account since the use of all follow-up emails. The customer support is standing by to handle my request and did accompany and guide me even “Going The Extra Mile” as they say since we carried on the support in the chat room. The customer support did not stop at all until I have removed all my doubts in my mind. Upgrade to Professional Account

What Is The Advantage Of Herculist Over Aweber, Getresponse and TrafficWave? by William Nabaza of

Let’s face it you got a lot of email leads to start from. Now the problem is how to email them all? Usually these big mailing list autoresponders that I’ve mentioned got a free advertisement from me. These only offer mailing list capabilities like a way to send but it does not offer any email leads. They allow import but on a condition that your email imports will verify their imports meaning they have to click on a link to be finally subscribed or imported to your mailing lists, but if they don’t you can’t add them at all or email them at all.

I got a solution for you out there, presenting Herculist, a safelist, mailer, and instant newsletter in one of 89,000++ subscribers of business opportunity hungry people.

These are the advantages of Herculist over those expensive mailing list manager and they are the following:

  1. You can send in html colored emails of various font and font sizes. You can amaze your audience by sending in full-color and html capabilities.
  2. You already have a built-in and keeps on growing subscribers of 89,000++ people on it. This is not a small thing if you have audience already to send to. It’s very difficult to built the subscriber base of a newsletter not even mentioning how to build your own newsletter as well.
  3. It comes with a business, you get Herculist Gold Lifetime Plus and you get a lifetime business of referring people and earning 50% of the affiliate share.
  4. It comes with a one-time lifetime Gold price. This is where the rubbers meets the road since you don’t have to pay monthly fees, you don’t have to worry where to get finances to.
  5. You send to your own newsletter for free on a daily basis. I’ve seen others, you are an upgraded member and yet you get to send every 3 or 2 days, but in this imagine that you get to send everyday to it.
  6. You don’t have to click on credits, just send to it on a daily basis. You may need credits to advertise on hercublurb. But to send out a daily emails to all 89,000++ people, you don’t need any. Just send your solo ad to it on a daily basis and then logout. The email is fast enough to send in real-time to that huge amount of people while you sleep again.
  7. You go on vacation. Other types of membership need to click again and again until they get like 2,000 credits to send out to 1,000 people but it takes time. Yes they have to read lots of emails before sending their own solo ad. While on all of these commotion, you don’t receive any emails at all, you don’t need to read any email at all but if you still want to read just read it inside herculist and get extra credits. But you go on vacation for life, without receiving any emails at all making you email promotion a lazy way but earning like a hard working pro. Work smarter not harder this time.

Yes there are still way lot of advantages and benefits that are worth mentioning like 50% commission when you refer upgraded people, daily email marketing and promotion, prioritized listing on HercuBlurb with 40 visitors guaranteed, and bold full-color, giant listing of email and hercublurb ads

Are you ready to get it now? Only costs U.S.$49.00/ one time lifetime GOLD